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Icarus was a test pilot

Wake me when January is over

Anyone who thinks hell is full of fire has never lived in Minnesota in January.  It just proves that Mother Nature is more imaginative than Satan.  At least the sun is out today so that's something.  But it's Monday.  We are out of peanut butter, which happens just before the Four Horsemen appear at our house.  I wrote 'peanut butter' on a list and made plans to go to the local big box store to buy it in bulk.  Got there and figured I could save a grocery store trip later if I managed to find stuff for dinner.  Found dinner and other stuff I needed.  Battled the polar vortex to load all the stuff in the trunk of my car.  Got halfway to the first stoplight and realized I forgot the friggin' peanut butter.  Checked to make sure no small children were hiding in the back seat of the car and cussed a blue streak.   Felt better but still have to go to the grocery store later to get peanut butter.  I'd say my brain is hibernating but this happens in July too.

On a happier note, here are good things.  Denugis is reblogging seriously calming, beautiful things on tumblr.  Zubenpics reblogged some lovely quilts.  The sun is out.  M&Ms with breakfast.  Tai chi tomorrow.  Winter sunrises can be beautiful.  I took these last week with my ipad in between getting breakfast and school bags packed.

On a fandom note, SPN got renewed for its 11th season.  I went with my kid and her Science Olympiad team to a meet this weekend and several schools shared a big lecture room as a place to wait between events.  These are sixth to eighth graders so ages 11 to 14 at the most.  During the day, boys playing hangman on a white board with words like Lambourghini, Maserati, and Ferrari had a guess for '67 Impala, black'.  Just before we left, a girl from one of the other schools wrote Supernatural in big letters and drew a bunch of devil's traps on the white board.  These kids were toddlers when the Pilot aired.  They are probably watching SPN and Jensen and Jared the same way I watched Magnum, PI and Tom Selleck and later Miami Vice when I was their age.  Fortunately neither Sam or Dean sport white linen or loud floral.  Maybe Hawaiian plaid in S11.  Maybe they can just go somewhere warm.  Maybe we all can.

[Coming back to finish writing this entry three hours later, I had worked out a plan to go to a grocery store that has a post office counter so I could pick up the peanut butter and mail some letters that were to go out today. I planned to do all this after I took my kid to get a tooth filled. As I was pulling up to her school parking lot, I realized that I left the letters on the counter at home. Arghhhhh. My memory must have decided it was going somewhere warm even if the rest of me wasn't. I did end up getting peanut butter so the apocalypse has been averted for today. Tomorrow is another day and we are supposed to get a warming trend so things are going to get better.]

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