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12 Days meme - Seven foods I dislike

This is a perfect question for me this week. I bought a few frozen microwave meals for lunch. I got what I thought was macaroni and cheese. When I went to cook it, I found to my horror that they had put broccoli in with it. Argh! Sneak attack vegetables! I ate them anyway but bitterly resented their presence and have been holding a grudge for days now. I still have another box to go. Ugh.

I'm pretty squeamish. I'll try new things but when it comes to meat, if it isn't something I've been eating most of my life or doesn't seem to be cooked through, then nope, I just can't.

Here are some things that I've tried more than once and I still don't like them. (I'm lucky to have the luxury to complain.)

1. Goat or blue cheese

2. Most hard liquor and liqueurs unless they are used for flavor in cooking or baking. It's kind of a non-issue since I don't drink alcohol anymore but I still wrinkle my nose about them.

3. Vegetables that are boiled to mush. I'd much rather eat my spinach raw.

4. When you have a hamburger and baked beans on the plate and the bottom of the bun gets soggy and sticky from the baked bean juice....yeah, I hate that.

5. Shellfish - lobster and crab included. I like bisque and chowder but to eat shellfish from the shell? Just, no.

6. Fritos

7. Anything licorice or anise flavored...licorice tastes like dirt, yup.

And because it's a seasonal thing, those weird red and green candied things that go in fruit cake. Blech.

Now I must go have a large bite of chocolate to erase the horror of considering this question. Maybe two bites because licorice.
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