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12 Days Meme - Nine facts about my body

Good heavens, this could go a million different ways, most of them TOO much information. I think I avoided that.

1. I am 46 years old and can lift a 46 lb. bag of dog food. I can't lift my 7-year-old 85 lb. dog.

2. I ran cross country in high school because they needed another girl to complete a team and I wanted a varsity letter so I could get a letter jacket. I had never run before. Cross country races were 3 miles long over open terrain like golf courses rather than on a track. The season started in late August and we ran regardless of the weather and several of our races included falling snow. The first race of the season generally included a run up a small ski hill. I was always toward the back of the pack but the team camaraderie was really awesome, we ran in some beautiful places, and I'm glad I did it. I got the letter but a cross country team jacket instead.

3. But....I hate to sweat so now I take a tai chi class. I love the names my instructor gives to some of the movements. Old man puts on coat, plays guitar, and gecko opens the curtains.

4. I have had dysthymia, which is constant low level depression, since I was a kid. It's as if my body were a 45 rpm record running at 33. I self-medicated by reading and escaping to somewhere else in books. When I was in my teens and 20s, I had a couple of major depressive episodes although I didn't realize that was what was going on at the time. I was in talk therapy for years but nobody encouraged me to actually see a psychiatrist or try meds. Finally when I was 37 and I'd had postpartum depression for 2 years, I figured I wasn't getting anywhere but more miserable and I had a kid depending on me. I looked for a different kind of help and started to take anti-depressants. The kind I started on helped me be functional but mostly emotionally numb. I found the medication that actually worked for me when I was 42. It was like switching from a black and white TV to an IMAX movie about the sun. I wish we had a different medical and societal approach to mental illness. It would help a lot to approach it as a health issue rather than a character defect. The brain gets sick just like the heart or a kidney but it's such a complicated part of the body that solutions aren't always straight forward or easy to determine in the right combination. If you're struggling with this too, please don't give up.

5. Body parts I have - nearly all. (Now if I could just figure out where I left that brain, I could bring it to life.)

6. Body parts I do not have: wisdom teeth, wings, tentacles, antlers, antenna, a wocket in my pocket, a shell, or a tail.

7. My eyes are gray-blue with bits of brown and I am really, really near-sighted. I need bifocals too but I'm in total denial. I just take my current glasses off and put the small print about an inch from my eye. Yeah, that works.

8. Words for my body parts that are funny...uvula, epiglottis, femur, and medial epicondyle of the humerus.

9. I read a line in a book at some point about the body being the only home your soul has in the universe. I'm very grateful for the one I've got and I should probably do some laundry and dust in here once in a while. Maybe paint.

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