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12 Days Meme - 11 of my favorite things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, here are 11 of my favorite things. Some of my favorite things are people but they get their own day so here is a list of stuff that I love. I'm grateful I have them in my life.

1. Music - To me, music is like oxygen. Life isn't possible without it. I like all kinds and love to have a great variety. It's a great bonus if I can sing along. Just as smell and memory are linked for many people, music helps me remember all kinds of things that have happened along my journey through life.

2. Chocolate - I'm hopelessly addicted to the stuff.

3. Big water - my favorite places are on the edges of large bodies of water, and by that, I mean water that I can't see across. The ones I love best are the rocky New England coasts of the North Atlantic and Lake Superior, the northernmost of the five Great Lakes. There is power and constancy there at the same time that it is ever changing. Big water demands respect and can wreak almighty havok but it can also be a source of sustenance, great calm and beauty.

4. Gardening - If I can't be near the water, I'd rather be in the garden with my hands in the dirt, caring for what grows there. Vegetable gardening is the most fun for me. There's something soul-satisfying about nurturing plants that will provide food. I'm hoping to learn about forest ecology to tend a stand of woods that has become my family's responsiblity. It's gardening on a large scale.

5. The Internet - It helps me remember that I am not alone. It's a community and a never-ending source of information and communication.

6. Libraries - I could go on and on about this one as I have worked in them in one way or another since 1982 and have been a library user for far longer than that. I am pretty adamant that knowledge should be collected and stored so it can be accessed by people now and on into the future, regardless of their economic status or location.

7. Fandom, especially the SPN community. My people.

8. LJ - Where my people get together.

9. SPN - I am hopelessly addicted to the show.

10. Cars and tractors and boats - I love the freedom of being able to get in the car and drive myself to where I need to be. Tractors are for driving in the garden and boats are for driving on the water. I especially love classic antique tractors and sailing ships from the age of sail. Planes are lovely to look at and are not on my list of my 100 favorite things.

11. My kitchen - It's where the chocolate is. I like to cook and feed my family and Of course, eating is good too. It's the place in my house where my family (including my dog) hangs out. The computer is there and there's always music. There are bookshelves. Windows look out toward my vegetable garden. It's where I watch SPN and listen to baseball games on the radio. Homework, science experiments, moon observation and stargazing happen there. I have pictures of big water and a sink but the only boat in the kitchen is a gravy boat.

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