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SPN season 10 wishes

I had a rough time with last season and my wishes for this season reflect that. First some easy stuff.

  • Demon!Dean in black leather

  • Lethal creeping fog...come on, S10, you can do it

  • More cool motel rooms

  • More classic cars like in the bunker garage

  • Cain, Charlie, the Trans, Jody Mills, the golem

  • A friend for Sam that he can talk about things with so we can see what's going on in his head

  • A plot for Cas - it doesn't even have to involve Heaven

  • The End of Metatron

  • More funny episodes or a better balance. Last season seemed very dark.

Here's the harder stuff but what matters more to me.

Someone I can root for...a good guy, preferably a Winchester but at this point I'm not picky. I liked Sam at the end of last season. Hopefully I'll still be able to like him and that Dean will come around. I want to be able to like the both of them.

I don't want to watch another torture scene or butchery. I know blood and gore are part of horror but I'd like more suspense scare than blatent grossness.

Cool it with the really nasty dialog with baddies - the dialog with Abaddon was over the top ugly. Make the dialog clever. Calling a woman a bitch isn't clever.

Sam and Dean getting along, fighting on the same side and Dean acknowledging that there is such a thing as going too far and that he did. Dean realizing how much he screwed Sam over and apologizing AND NOT DOING IT AGAIN. Sam not going too far either.

A season that doesn't drive away the rest of my flist.

More respect for vessels including Hannah's - no possessed sleeping with Cas.

Please let Sam be Sam, not some-other-creature-to-be-named-later!Sam.
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