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Countdown to SPN - Season 5

I started this one on day 5 and it ended up turning into this big meta which I then couldn't figure out how to finish.   Then everybody at home got some fall virus and the dog wrenched her back and I would rather move on so here's the caps minus the meta.  Happy Supernatural Day!

I'm still not over Season 5.  It was one rip-your-heart-out moment after another.  Season 5 had a well put together season arc as well as some awesome stand alone episodes.  The standouts for me were Changing Channels, The End, Abandon All Hope, Two Minutes to Midnight, and Swan Song.  The end of Dark Side of the Moon was a kick in the heart.  So was the picnic table break-up.  The end of My Bloody Valentine and Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid were also pretty emotionally draining.  Fortunately there was some humor thrown in there.

There was a string of great guest appearances.  I love Raphael's wings.

Another bad dude played really well.  It's so much fun to hate this guy.

It was so great to see him get his just deserts.

Young, tough hunter Mary.

Angels are watching over you.  Almost nothing creepier has ever been uttered on this show.

The arrival of Crowley and he's basically been winning ever since.

War and his red horse.


The best entrance by anyone, anywhere.  Death and his pale horse arrive in Chicago.  I love that car.

There were some other performances that stood out for me.  I really liked Lucifer questioning Cas about how it was to ride in a car.

Lucifer was scary because he was so understated and powerful.

The End featured amazing performances by both Jared and Jensen who had to act as characters other than S5 Sam and Dean.  Jensen's performance as both present and future Dean was so nuanced that we could have told these characters apart without the clothing clues.

Jared only had to do one scene as Lucifer but it was what anchored the episode and provided the biggest emotional hit that Dean took.  Jared not only got Lucifer right, he nailed the way that Mark Pellegrino played the same character.

Abandon All Hope was a heartbreaker but quite the send off for both Jo and Ellen.

I will never be over this kiss.

Swan Song wrecked me entirely. From the homage to the Impala to the way that we got to see Sam and Lucifer fight for control, it was all really well done.

It was the goodbyes that were the hardest.

The only reason I can be at all rational about the scene at Stull Cemetery is because of the gag reel and knowing the actors were surviving the emotional gutting.  I needed a hug from Bobby too.

I liked the growth that the brothers had made over the five seasons.  I'm glad we got more seasons but I really liked who they were at the end of this season.

Caps by homeofthenutty

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