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Countdown to SPN - Season 4

Next to season 2, SPN season 4 is the one I'd have to give really high marks.  Ironically, I can't stand to go back and watch much of it.  There was a really cohesive story arc and there were a bunch of great stand-alone episodes.  Both brothers had interesting stories and there were a bunch of great new characters and guests.  I liked Monster Movie best, and that and It's a Terrible Life are a couple of the episodes I rewatch.  The rest of it is so hard to watch because you can tell Sam isn't in or headed to a good place.  Dean's got his own problems and Heaven is Not To Be Trusted.  I have to admit, Ruby had me wondering about what she was playing at right until the end of the season.  The season was beautifully filmed.  Here are some of the caps I've kept for a while.

How many horror movie scenes include a hand reaching up out of the grave?


I liked having Bobby around that season.

Dean in Sam's clothes.

The best entrance of a character on any TV show ever except Death in season 5.

Well-conveyed, well-founded fear.

Well-conveyed, ghost sickness induced fear.

There were a lot of things to be frightened of in S4.

There were some oddball cases.

Sam in a box.

Golf and baseball.

It was a season where the deceit was rampant and everybody was lying.  Loyalties seemed to shift in every episode.

My favorite picture of Cas.  I liked his sly, bamf angel persona from S4.

When the truth was told, it usually came at a great emotional cost.  I still think there is as much Jared as Sam in that shot.

I don't usually watch torture but there was something about this scene where the guy on the rack was doing as much of a job on his torturer as the other way round that made it really compelling.

Such an evil guy, played really well.

I didn't care that Sam's powers were enhanced by Hell at this point.  Having him use them to fry Alastair was a case of the ends justifying the means and the revenge was sweet.

The truth was devastating anyway.

Other people learned some uncomfortable truths too.  Chuck found out it was all true.  John had another kid who lived a life of blissful (ha) ignorance and got eaten by ghouls for his trouble because he didn't know the truth.

Then there was the horrid demon-blood detox.

And the horrid fight.

Then the season ran it's course.  Dean left The Voicemail.  It turned out that everybody had been played.  Dean learned some rough truths about angels.  Sam ended up letting Lucifer out because the truth about Lilith as a seal came too late.

Hush now.

This is a pretty accurate reflection of me at the end of the season.  We did horrible things to each other, got lied to and tricked, and whatever is coming is scary, but I'm going to hold on anyhow.

Caps from homeofthenutty

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