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SPN 6.15

I liked this episode much more than a lot of the other episodes breaking the fourth wall.  The fan portrayed talking to the stunt coordinator (with his awesome shirts) seems like an ordinary nice sane person.  I only really cringed during the part where Sam and Dean have to do some acting.  I felt better watching Jensen try not to lose it while trying to find his mark.  Looks like he's also trying really hard not to laugh when Gen is going on about the benefit dinner for the otters.  Fun to watch Gen and Dean snark at each other almost as much as Ruby and Dean.

I liked seeing what some of the sets look like, especially Bobby's house.  At one point Sam is standing by a doorway and there is a poster on the wall near him about Roy LeGrange being a fraud.  It's amazing how different the sets can look with different lighting.  There were some other behind the scenes shots that were fun:  all the pictures of how the makeup looks on Jared and Jensen when they are made to look battered and bloody, the rack of multiple bloody copies of the same shirt going by, the PA carrying a tray of candy complete with red licorice.

The winking going on in the video behind Dean in Jensen's trailer was just priceless and I didn't even notice it the first time through. It's ironic about commenting on Jensen's soap career because with so many people dying and coming back on this show and all the angst, SPN could be a soap too. Evidently there was a homage to the Terminator in the gun store and the final shootout seemed straight out of a Western maybe starring Clint Eastwood.

There was a lot going on visually in this episode with all the breaking windows like the title screen and so many globes.  The electrical interference caused by the angel dropping San and Dean into the scene goofing up the actual filming process was a nice touch.  

There was some serious stuff going on in here too though about maybe the AU being better for Sam. It's telling that even staying in a house as big as Jared's with as many rooms as it must have, Dean still slept on the couch fully dressed with boots on. Plus still with the drinking everywhere. I wonder if they'll show Dean going through the DTs if he's ever away from the booze long enough. He's not just drinking beer, he's really hitting the hard stuff.  There's a great shot of Sam examining a bricked up window wall.  Don't pick at it.

from ancastar

We've had (Anna) Milton with Paradise Lost and now we've had Virgil the Roman poet, author of the Aeneid, who evidently gives Dante his tour of hell and purgatory during the Divine Comedy according to Wiki.  Have some quotes from Virgil that could have been written for SPN, either as they apply directly or how they would be in some perfect SPN world: 

"Omnia vincit amor " "Love conquers all" (Ecl.10.69)

"Arma virumque cano " "I sing of arms and a man" (Aen.1.1)

"Facilis descensus Averni" "Easy is the descent to Hell" (Aen.6.126)

"flectere si nequeo superos, Acheronta movebo." "If I cannot bend the higher powers, I will move the infernal regions." (Aen.7.312) (If I can't move heaven, I will raise hell.)

"Audentes fortuna iuvat" "Fortune favors the bold" (Aen.10.284)
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