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Fall is for tomatoes and ripening pumpkins

This was the best looking tomato of this year's crop.  I managed to save it from the chipmunks.  I don't know what variety it is but it's really dense.  Not too many seeds.

Fresh tomatoes are for bruschetta.  I grew the basil too.

There's something very satisfying about growing food to eat.  We had a water drainage problem that required the removal of our old concrete patio behind our house.  We had them replace it with a couple of raised beds full of gardening dirt.  The beds are great.  Minnesota got buckets of rain though so the yard stayed really wet.  I ended up with a pretty nasty case of powdery mildew in the garden.  It grows on plants like pumpkins, melons, squash and cucumbers and kills the leaves.  I guess you can treat it with milk but my kid is allergic so I tried baking soda and dish soap plus removing the worst of the infected leaves.  I slowed it down, I think.  I still managed to get a great crop of cucumbers and I have three decently sized pumpkins and one tiny one that just flowered on Tuesday.  Now, it's just a race against frost.  I'm really not ready for the weather to turn cold.

Here's the garden and you can see the big leaves in between the beds that have the white mildew on them.

Cucumbers, dill, green beans on the trellis, a big geranium and tomatoes in the far bed and marigolds and the beginning of the pumpkin vines in the front.

A couple of the pumpkins.  The vines went crazy climbing up a wall.

A look down on the cucumber end of the beds and the walkway through the middle.  The big leaves are the other pumpkin vine that came down through the middle of the garden and wrapped around.

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