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How to properly stretch….

Or...on the ninth day of September, the random topic generator gave to me...

The thing to be stretched properly wasn't specified and the first that came to mind was stretching a dollar or a can of tomato sauce, good skills for anybody to have.

I usually associate stretching with Gumby or Stretch Armstrong.

We aren't all as flexible as Gumby but it is a goal to work toward and there are many proper ways to go about this.  Many people stretch upon waking up in the morning.

A soul is not required.

Stretch your wings if you happen to have them.

It is recommended that proper stretching is done before exercise.

It's also a good idea before doing any heavy lifting or gymnastics.

Sometimes it is important to stretch after some sort of exercise, such as speedwalking.

Many people find that stretching as part of a yoga workout can be beneficial (as well as bendy).

Flexibility is good to have because you never know when you'll be faced with a situation you might need to get yourself out of.

You might have to stretch just that little bit extra.

You might have to stretch to help a friend.

Or to get the reach on an opponent.

Or to save the world.

We're in the home stretch now.  Don't stretch the truth.

But do stretch your imagination.

Caps from Home of the Nutty and screencapped.net.
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