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That wasn't how I thought that would go....

I was really hoping picking a random word would spur me to write something every day. I ended up with bathtub, force, and month and I was able to pull something together and then I got the word male and I just didn't want to try and write something about that so I tried the generator again even though that's probably cheating.  The next word was psychoanalysis and at that point I was sufficiently weirded out that I wanted to see what else might show up. I wondered what the pool of words was.  Then I got liberalize and figured I couldn't even use that in a sentence unless it was about pot laws.  I tried a different generator and got the following:


Then I tried another database that gave me six words at a time.  They sound like a kink meme gone slightly astray, if that's possible.


Maybe I should try some of that liberalizing psychoanalysis after all.  I gave up and went to a random subject generator that gave me a few things I think I can work with so I'll try that. Tomorrow.  Although it did give me this gem....

The Egyptian fish god named Rem

So, how was your day?
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