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The word of the day is month

First of all, my hat is off to anybody who participates in any kind of challenge where they have to produce something in 24 hours.  Trying to do an entry a day has showed me how much of a challenge this really is.  Right now, the artpaperscissor challenge is going on and if you haven't had a chance to see what's been done so far, have a look.  It's all wonderful.

The latest word kicked out by the random word generator was month.  I don't even know where to start with this one.  A month is a length of time originally established to track the phases of our Moon.  Here's a random list of things we measure or number by month rather than by day or year.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
Employment statistics
Age of children under 2 years old (24 months)
Time left in the senior year of high school until about March and then we switch to days
SPN hiatus back in May
Time early in a relationship
Length of a season - summer months, winter months
Plans for weight loss or quitting smoking
Planning a wedding
Training for a marathon
Recommended time between teeth cleanings
Leases and mortgage interest

Here's a list of things I like about this month, September, in the northern hemisphere.

Back to school time
Cooler, dryer air but still warm days
The gorgeous color of the late day sunlight
Leaves start changing color
Harvest time for lots of veggies and fruits
Canning tomatoes
Wild rice harvest
Harvest Moon (September 8-9, 2014.  It’s also a supermoon this year.)
Autumnal equinox - first day of fall
Beginning of playoffs for Major League Baseball...World Series, here we come.

There are some major holidays in September but here is a list of some more obscure ones.

9/7  National Salami Day
9/8  National Hug Your Hound Day
9/11  National Make Your Bed Day
9/13  Roald Dahl Day - author of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
9/16  Trail of Tears Commemoration Day
9/21  World Alzheimer's Day
9/22  Hobbit Day - birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins
9/26  Johnny Appleseed Day
9/29  National Coffee Day

I hope your September is a good one.
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