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Garden wrap-up 2013

Getting ready for this season and realized I didn't record last year's harvest notes.  Looking back, I'm also made very aware that my handwriting looks like the scrawl of a drunk giraffe in that I can barely make out what I wrote.   This was the last year of the garden on the hillside.  The most productive veggies were the yellow tomatoes.  The green peppers also did well.  The rest of the garden seemed to suffer from the increased amount of shade.  The first picking was on 8/17.  I also have notes that we got snow on October 20th and that was the day I picked the last of the tomatoes.  We had a late freeze but the winter was long and cold so we made up for it.

Green beans - 262g

Cukes - 1492g

Green peppers - 370g

Tomatoes - 135 with most of them ripening in paper bags.
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