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Question about Dean and Gadreel in SPN 9.18

I'm stewing about 9.18 and while trying to write about it I keep getting hung up on the scene where Sam comes back in to find Dean crashed out by a wall with bloody knuckles and Gadreel unconscious on the floor.  I'm guessing Dean knocked Gadreel out.  How was he able to do this when he almost broke his hand in S4 when he hit Cas in the beautiful room?  Sam hit him too and it didn't seem to do anything to his hand.  Did I miss something or are there assumptions I should be making that I haven't?   Was it the handcuffs that limited Gadreel's power or something else?  Is Dean getting stronger due to the mark of Cain?  Is this just a case of ignoring previous canon or did something happen that I should have realized?  What do you all think?

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