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SPN 6.14 - Trivia and comments

Total trivia. The episode takes place in Paterson, New Jersey. The first marketable revolver was produced in Paterson by Samuel Colt starting in 1836, and was known as the Colt Paterson. Probably total coincidence but fun anyhow.

I liked parts of this episode, especially the beginning and end with Sam and Dean.  They were talking and having a beer together so something must be improving between them.  I think Dean sees that Sam has his back now.  I'm glad Sam made it a point to thank Dean for his soul and make Dean hear it.

Dean finally commented on his drinking being alcoholism.  I know this is made up stuff for TV but Dean's got an awful addiction going with the booze.  It's even more noticeable than the drinking of Nate on Leverage and they've dealt with his alcoholism as a plot point on more than one occasion.  I love Dean but there are a whole bunch of reasons why I wouldn't want him around my kid, monsters being way down on the list.  I thought Lisa's original reasons for not wanting to stick it out with Dean were a lot more believable than not being able to handle waiting for the Western Union telegram from Sam.  Before Dean showed up this last time, had Lisa been serious about anyone else?  Maybe this doctor dude is a rebound relationship.  Lisa getting serious about someone already struck me as being a plot device rather than something her character would have done.  Sure, eventually, but not quite so quick.

I don't know how I ended up watching Supernatural to start with.  I hate horror movies and have never seen anything even remotely as scary as this show in a theater.  This episode was as close to horror as I want to get.  The moving eyes in the medical dummy were about as creepy as I can handle.  I knew these victims were doomed and the suspense of waiting for it to happen had me peeking through my fingers and pushing the mute button.  Have you ever been alone in any academic building or library late after hours?  It's scary even without weird creepy bio dummies.  Nice to be able to label the type of creepy critter we're dealing with early in the show.  The cold and steam breath pointed out vengeful spirit pretty much right off the bat.

Other than the Twilight Zone parts, the tone of this episode seemed like what you'd see on a lot of cop shows.  Some of the music and shots of them in the car seemed to be staged like that. The boys spent most of their time in FBI mode complete with suits doing traditional police investigating. 

I liked hearing Love Hurts at the bar.  Understated but on the money.

I've mentioned before how much I love the folks that do the sets and props for this show.  Here's their take on the US Federal Reserve.  Evidently in SPN world the US is still on the gold standard.

The newspaper showing the missing girls announces that:

Gold pries [sic] soars: Does the Federal Reserve Bank actually have enough gold to cover the market? and

US Federal Reserve declares bankruptcy after printing trillions of US dollars they have no way of backing.


One other thing, I think Dean's shirt from the last scene in this episode was the shirt he wore over the I Wuv Hugs shirt from last season's Dark Side of the Moon.  In his memory he was doing what he thought he should for his family and telling his mom he'd never leave her.  I'm not sure how this all relates to Ben, Lisa and Sam but I'm sure there are good comparisons.

Caps from homeofthenutty.com
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