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SPN 9.14 - Symmetry and bars

This episode was written by Robert Berens.  He's only written one other episode for SPN, Heaven Can Wait.  My biggest complaint with this episode was that I got spoiled.  I think I would have enjoyed the first part more if I hadn't known the ghost was Kevin.  The fandom firestorm continued to rage after this episode, taking a toll on my flist, which I feel worse about than anything going on with Sam and Dean.

The episode was directed by SPN's production designer, Jerry Wanek.  He also directed Slice Girls in S7. I think Jerry has a good eye for directing and I like how he set up a lot of his shots.  He uses lots of symmetry and he has a lot of shots that focus on small objects.  Jerry is largely responsible for the look of the bunker and he ended up directing an episode that gave him a great opportunity to really show it off.  I liked seeing the bunker from ghost!Kevin's perspective.

Nice view of the kitchen with the table included.

I've commented before that I really like the shadows in this room.  It was a great use of the lit table to have it flicker.

Kevin swung by the dungeon and we got a reminder that Crowley is gone and that Kevin knows that now.

Then a trip down the hall.

I like the detail with the grate on the door.  I wonder why the MoL chose to put them there.  It makes the room have the feel of a cell and I suppose with what's going on with the boys and the episode titled Captives, it makes some sense.

Sneaking up on Dean.

Great shot of Sam through the swords.

Awesome detail on the door.

Rock salt and Dean to the rescue.

I like all the close-ups on objects.  We had the sink faucets earlier and now the rock salt shells.

The shattered coffee cup.

Sam watching the coffee pot.

Dean emoting.  I have to wonder how Jensen is doing with the emotional mood swings this season.  Dean's either being a complete unemotional hard-ass or he's crying about somebody dead or dying.

Jared seems to weather playing different versions of Sam pretty well but I'm glad that he's back to being just Sam for now.

Flowers where you'd expect them.

There are a lot of shots that use really great symmetry.  I especially like this one.

Here are a couple more.

I really like this one too with the underling angel reflected on the table between Bart and Cas.  This room reminds me of Naomi's office.

I like this angle too.

Bart's headquarters had some great wall decorations.  I particularly like his entrance in front of this one.

There are Bible quotes on the walls.

Jeremiah 29:11-13
"For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart."

Romans 8:31
If God is for us, who can be against us?

Ironic placement of a peace dove.  The wings are a nice reminder of angels though.

I like Bart and Cas talking with the words behind them.

Back to Buddy Boyle's office.

Nice shot of Cas in front of the cross.

It's such an ornate room.  So different from the white room where Bart first meets Cas.

Bart has been tracking Metatron and he's been seen in Georgia, Washington state, and Michigan.

The Michigan dot looks suspiciously close to my mother-in-law's house but on a closer look, it's near the town of West Branch.  Metatron probably stopped by to play 18 holes at the Nightmare Golf Course.  Yes, it really exists.

I like how the winged statues in this room are Cupid.

Some flowers.

A bit more symmetry.

The angel civil war is taking a big toll on human vessels and it probably won't help that Cas is collecting a following now.  Somewhere nearby, nobody showed up for work at Brooks Brothers.

A nice night shot of the car.

Is this a bridge they've filmed near before?  The bridge in the background also looks familiar.

Another close-up of objects.

The radio has a green light when the ghost is speaking through it.

It ties in really neatly with the green color of the cell block.  This green is never a good color in the SPN world.

One thing that struck me as I was looking at these caps was that there is a certain similarity with the grate on Dean's room in the bunker.

There are a lot shots that give a feeling of bars in addition to the window grates.  There are the shadows on the bunker floor and Sam behind the swords.

The storage facility is full of them.  I like the Winchesters coming in from the red and blue into the green tones.

Doesn't anyone say Christo anymore?  The place is being used by Crowley's minions to hold prisoners.  You think it might be possible someone there might be possessed?  Sloppy.

Nothing sloppy about those threads though and they are recognizably different from angel suits.

More of the caged feeling.

I like the window.

Dean is drawn to the weapon.  He probably should have tried to hang on to it.

Such a weird combination of stuff.

Giant hands of Sam.

Another foreground shot.

The demon leaving this for Dean is really sloppy too.  These are the Winchesters he's dealing with.

If Dean had been doing yoga with Sam, he might have gotten his boot back near his hand.

The demon monologues and cuts Dean up, Sam comes to the rescue, and then they turn the demon (and Del, the poor guy being possessed) over to Mrs. Tran for retribution.  Chalk another human up as collateral damage and move on to the next one.

Back at the bunker, the Trans have a reunion of sorts.

I was glad to have them actually give Kevin a Dad despite all of Crowley's bluster about Kevin's parentage.  I hope Mrs. Tran knows what she's doing taking Kevin's ghost home.  I think he'll be conveniently available for future plot lines and exposition.

Sam went back to his cell.

I somehow think Dean should be listening to some Pink Floyd.  "All in all, it's just another brick in the wall."  Of course, Dean's emo break-up music is classic rock.

All caps from homeofthenutty
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