Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

Advice about watching tonight's SPN?

I'm really worried about tonight's episode.  I kind of wish they could put warnings on them like with fan fic.  I saw a spoiler cap of Sam looking like he was getting a similar treatment to what Samandriel got from Crowley.  How much of the episode is torture and are there parts I should skip?  Who wrote it?  Spoil me all you want.  I haven't been able to sit through an ep since 9.08 but I've been reading spoilers.  I miss my show but can't handle the nightmares either.

How is the non-con possession and Dean lying handled when Sam learns what is going on?  Has that happened yet?  Did it seem like a satisfactory response?

I know Jensen had a rough time filming this one.  How emotionally rough is it?  On a scale from Cas's trenchoat in the pond (a 2.0 - some shaking, not much visible damage) to the grieving scene in AHBL part 2 (a 7.9 - nothing but rubble left)?

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