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SPN 9.02 - the rest of the recap

After last week getting the angel side of the story, this week we found out what the demons have been up to.  This episode was written by Andrew Dabb and directed by Guy Norman Bee.  I could go either way on episodes written by Mr. Dabb.  Some I have really liked (Frontierland) and some I've hated (7.08)*.  I really like Guy Bee's work.  I don't have too much to say about the story other than I still don't trust Zeke.  The more Zeke and Dean lie to Sam, the worse this gets.  It's really awful that Zeke is spilling Sam's secrets to Dean.  It somehow makes the violation even worse and it was really bad to begin with.

I liked some of the shots that Guy used in this episode.

What the heck is that kid doing shooting up the woodwork?  Grounded, I tell you.

Ozzy O's Diner - nice little shout out to Ozzy Osbourne.  I like how Sam ends up under the cross and halo-like brick work.  The diner and the place where Abaddon gets hold of Dean were built just for the episode on the Falling Skies set.  When they were done shooting the SPN episode, they had to take down everything they put up.  One of the facades they built was 2 stories tall.

Very Silence of the Lambs.

Later, we get a shot of Sam peeking back through the doors at Crowley.

I think Crowley knows something or at least suspects.  I wonder how much he's figured out?

I think it's interesting that these guys are in blue.

Unless you're going with green for danger, the bus doesn't really give off any warning signs.

The driver would indicate otherwise.

There are plenty of interesting modes of transportation in this episode.  By bus and then this ride that makes Garth's car seem cool.  I would know this from personal experience.  I'm pretty sure this is a 1978 Plymouth Volare station wagon.  Picture this in olive green with a lot more rust when 1984 rolls around and that's what I learned to drive in.  On ice.  I'm actually surprised they found one of these with an intact exterior.  They were notorious for rust.  It didn't help that my Mom's method of unfreezing frozen door locks was to dump a tea kettle full of hot water down inside the door.  By the time I graduated 2 years later, we were holding the back doors closed with bungee cords.  I was so excited to have finally graduated that I got the key jammed in the ignition upside down leaving commencement.  I drove that car off and on for the next 4 years and it overheated on the coldest day of a northern Michigan winter.  Still, wheels are wheels and I was glad to have it around.  Roomy interior, I'll give it that.  This one has Nevada plates on it so maybe it has been kept away from road salt which is like a rust bath for cars.  Still, it's got to be a lot of maintenance if it's still on the road.

My younger brother was a VW Bug fan and we had several that didn't run along with extra car parts like doors lying around in our front yard.  Unlike Tracy, he never got one running.  I like how the car color coordinates with what's there of her shorts.

Hallelujah, we never had one of these.  I have to admit I'm not sure what Tracy was doing in this episode besides acting as Winchester bait and getting to drive the Impala, lucky girl.  She seems like a competent hunter.  I'm glad she wasn't a romantic interest.  She's probably age appropriate for Kevin.  I feel so old and cynical.

I really didn't see the point of this whole scene either but whatever.  I did learn that it's correct to wear the US flag in the reverse on the right shoulder of the army uniform as if it were streaming backwards as the soldier moves forward so this bit wasn't a complete loss.

I liked sassy demon!grandma.  The thought of kids making deals is horrifying.  There's plenty of red for a warning here.

Red, really red.

Green and red in the diner.  There's a band poster for the Head Traumas and the Celebrity Drunks.  Last week there was a lot of red and green while the angels were attacking Dean at the hospital.

Later there's a nice subtle devil's trap.

There's a red and green blanket in the bag for whatever reason.

Red phone booth and green diner.

The red light flashes on Sam when he tells Dean he's ready to go in guns blazing with him.

Zeke is pretty much blue light so far though.

There are a lot of warning signs, mostly red and yellow.

Interesting placement of the 'condemned as dangerous and unsafe' sign.

Warning - Do Not Occupy near Abaddon just before she tells Dean he'd make a great demon host.

Just before this guy gets shot.

RDN Paint Co. must be the source of the spill.

One of the more fun things to do with the SPN sets is to see what the crew has put in the background.  There are a couple of things this time worth pointing out.  The bus had some familiar sponsors.  Biggerson's...

and Bing Bongs as well as the Coronado Nature Park which is 'for animal lovers' according to the poster.  There are a couple of giraffes with conversation balloons but I can't make out the words.  We also have Healthy Family brand health products.  Har har.

Poisontown had snow-covered letters announcing air conditioning.  Interesting talk between these two about sacrificing a life for atonement.

When Sam tells Dean that the place they are headed is a chemically contaminated site, I think he says the contamination happened 8 years ago.  Even if this is 2105 in SPN years, 8 years ago still drops into this century.  When you look at the stuff on the walls in the diner, it's straight out of the 80's.  Would a Record Warehouse have to call out LPs or cassettes on a storefront?  I can't remember if that was common.  What else would it be, 8-tracks?  Still plenty of red and yellow for warning.

The diner is full of green, maybe a warning or maybe angels.  Definitely Mountain Dew though.

Here's the sign on the wall.  The bottom line is probably the important part in this season of possessions.  I love the built in spelling error.

There's a poster for Caddyshack.

The bands on the purple poster are Def Leppard and Poison, the perfect soundtrack for contamination.  I guess every rose has it's thorn.

While the posters on the pole might not be for Michael Jackson circa Thriller, the white glove is a reference anyhow.

Sam makes a pretty good pistol shot.

Interesting placement of the model poster on the window.

Whatever you think of Tracy's presence in this whole mess, she has good aim.  Next time, go for the head though.

Dean gets to stand by the guy in the Miami Vice white linen suit and the pink umbrella.

When Sam crashes through the door, I think you can see blue padding worn by whoever is doing the crashing.  That's not much.  Ouch.

The best thing in the diner was the menu board.  (Well, besides Sam.)

They are even using a font similar to the way Ozzy's name looks on album covers.

Those lights are straight out of a church somewhere.  What really dates the diner though is the presidential picture of Reagan in the corner.  It's not really the first thing you'd notice though.  I got spoiled for this on tumblr and my first reaction was Pterodactyl.  If Zeke has the power to blow out the windows in a diner as a wounded angel, he must have been pretty powerful to begin with.  As much as I'm joking around about it, I still thought it was pretty cool, tattered wings or no.

I also liked how the remaining mangled blinds have a similar look behind Dean.

This makes Zeke look even taller but it's an odd view from the floor by Dean's feet.

In the last episode, it seemed like there were some color cues to what was going on with characters.  I saw a lot of red, white, and blue. hugemind saw purple when she watched and did a meta about it here.  There was definitely purple this week often mixed with green.  I have no idea if it means anything at all but it just jumped out after people's comments last week.  Even if it means nothing, it's nice to see a few extra colors in the mix.  Maybe they were just the 'it' colors for spring.

Here are the fall colors for men.

For women.

After Sam Zekes out (what? that's totally a verb), I can't tell what color that t-shirt is but it looks deep purple from time to time.

Such an odd way to hold a knife.

That's Sam's shirt from the scene with Crowley at the church, I think.  I wonder if Dean had it washed while Sam was unconscious.  Maybe Zeke zapped it clean like Cas used to do with the trenchcoat.  Having an angel on board means never having to do your laundry.  Better keep the clothes the same though or Sam might start to wonder what happened after the church.

For the heck of it, here are the rest of Sam's shirts from the episode.  I'm not a hunter but I don't think chasing down every demon on earth one by one sounds very efficient.  Job security though.

Nice green shirt.

Dean brought back prune juice for Kevin.  Poor Kevin.

Kevin is wearing the same shirt when Sam and Dean get back to the bunker that he had on when he was hiding out in the church and Sam and Dean found him in 8.01.

I like the perspective of this shot and how Kevin stays outside the circle until he gets the hammer to use on Crowley.

Dean labeled Kevin family and to some degree, I think he is as much as anyone can be that isn't Sam.  It could be Dean just saying this to keep Kevin around but I'm thinking from what we saw of Dean's reaction when he thought Kevin was dead, I think Dean thinks more of him than just a useful prophet.  Welcome to the family business, degree of difficulty 8.3.

The ep ends with Dean asking Sam how he is and Sam telling him that he's happy for the first time in the history of ever.  How much of that is angelic mojo or Zeke screwing with his head?  This is a far cry from the Sam we knew in Sacrifice and as he was dying.

Dean's knows it's going to unravel, it's just a matter of time.

*ETA: When I originally wrote this, I had 8.15 written in there.  I was thinking about being irritated about it enough that I stuck it in here when what should have been here was 7.08 Season 7: I Still Can't Talk About it.  My apologies to Andrew Dabb. The writers are having enough trouble without me making it worse.

Caps from homeofthenutty and screencapped.

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