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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 19 - Favorite gag reel moment

I'm still plugging my way through the SPN 30 day challenge and after all the angst with the first episode of this season, I thought we could probably all use a look at a gag reel moment or two.  I love the gag reels, not so much because they're funny, but because the Winchester's lives are depressing as hell most of the time and I feel better knowing that Jensen and Jared don't take that on themselves.  It's a good reminder that they're acting.  For me, it was a big help to see the clowning around going on behind the scenes during the Stull Cemetery show down in Swan Song and during the photo shoot for Abandon All Hope.  One of the best places to see both the real scene and the behind-the-scenes goofing around is in a vid, Sunshine Day, made by ash48.

The bit that made me laugh till I thought I was going to die wasn't in a gag reel.  It was the People's Choice get-out-the-vote ad.  I didn't expect the end at all and that was what made it funny.

It loses it's punch once you know the ending but the socks still crack me up.  The runner-up for this would have to be the outtake with Sam stretching after speed-walking.  I was so impressed that Jensen didn't crack.  I would have been on the floor laughing but Jensen just played along like it happens every day.  It probably does.
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