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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 18 - Favorite ghost/monster

I have two monsters-of-the-week that I've really liked over the last 8 seasons.

The first are the shadow daevas in Shadow.  They're scary because everybody has a shadow.  They're also pretty easy on the special effects budget.  SPN made them look pretty cool anyhow.

Sam comes up with a genius way of getting rid of them.

It's been a long time since I've watched the episode so it was fun to see the caps.  When we were very young....

There's angsty family stuff while wearing the appropriate shirt.

There's also smoldering.

The return of the prodigal father.

And the leaving again.

My other favorite monster is the shapeshifter from Monster Movie.  I like that whole episode a lot for all kinds of reasons from filming in black and white to plot to lederhosen to guest actors.  The whole episode is a great mix horror and humor.  The shapeshifter's movie antics are over the top especially when mixed with bits of his real life.

The witnesses were just off enough to be funny. The constant straw slurping still cracks me up.  Both of them are so sure about what they've seen even if it sounds crazy and aren't really phased by it.  Night Vale must be nearby.

Yay, Jamie!

Sam smiles a lot in this episode, especially with amusement at Dean's antics.  The tension between the boys hasn't grown too big yet.  I think they're both just glad Dean is back.

Then there's this exchange.

DRACULA: Good evening.
DELIVERY GUY: Uh...pizza delivery.
DRACULA: Ah, you've brought a repast. Excellent. Continue to be of such service and your life will be spared.
DELIVERY GUY: Uh-Huh. (pulls out pizza from insulated bag and holds it out) That'll be $15.50.
DRACULA: Tell me....is there garlic on this pizza?
DELIVERY GUY: I don't know. Did you order garlic?
DELIVERY GUY: Then no. (impatiently) Look, mister, I got four other deliveries to make. You want to just pay me the money so I can go?
DRACULA: Of course, yes, but I have a coupon.

He doesn't get taken for a real monster here, just another nutty person in a town full of oddballs.

When it comes down to it, what makes the shifter a monster is not what he is but how he behaves.  Not all of the monsters Sam and Dean have hunted have been able to give their side of the story.

DRACULA: [ Normal voice ] I-I scared you. You were the only one I don't want to scare. (he turns so he can see JAMIE) I used to love the movies.
JAMIE: They aren't real. You can't make them real.
DRACULA: "Real" is being born this way. Different. "Real" is having your dad call you "monster" -- It's the first time you hear the word – (he turns away from JAMIE) And he tries to beat you to death with a shovel. Everywhere I ran, everywhere I tried to hide, People found me.... Called me "freak," called me "monster." Then I found them. The great monsters. In their movies,they were strong. They were feared. They were beautiful. And now I am like them. Commanding. [ Hungarian accent ] terrifying.
JAMIE: Lonely.
DRACULA: [ Normal voice ] was lonely. Now I -- I have you.
JAMIE: Ever think that maybe you're lonely because you kill people?
DRACULA: Or I kill people because I'm lonely.

Like some of the monsters in the old black and white movies, you have a certain sympathy for the monster.  Maybe not enough to wish for a different outcome to his story but it makes you think about it all from his perspective.  This discussion of monsters and freaks early in S4 foreshadows Sam's struggle toward the end of the season with feeling even more like a freak than he has and Dean and his hallucinations in the panic room calling him a monster.  As we made our way through the rest of the seasons, the idea of what makes a monster and does he or she deserve killing just because they aren't human became more complicated until the boys let a werewolf and witch go as well as Dean being good friends with a vampire.

I'm still waiting for the lethal, creeping fog that has no sentience whatsoever and is just deadly.

Caps from homeofthenutty, oxoniensis and me.
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