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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 16 - Favorite Demon

So, I'm days behind but hopefully I can catch up.  When I went back to see what I'd said about my favorite demon the last time we did a SPN meme, I answered Crowley.  That was prior to S8.  SPN's had some really great demon characters that more than carried their weight in the story arc they had.  A lot of it had to do with the great casting but the rest of it was down to the writing.  It feels like the writers had a pretty good idea of who these characters were and worked with that pretty well.  I liked Ruby and Meg.  I don't know how many shows are out there where the same character role has been played by more than one actress or actor, particularly one so crucial to the plot.  Although they weren't in too many episodes, both Azazel and Alastair stand out for me.  Lilith was completely creepy with her preference for possessing little girls.

I really liked Crowley in the early seasons.  He was tricky and managed to dance his way around Sam and Dean.  He was such a smart opportunist and snarky to boot.  His remodeling of hell into a permanent line for nothing going nowhere would have won approval in any Fortune 500 boardroom.  For a bit of S6 with the hunt for the alphas and the Purgatory door and especially this season, Crowley was reduced to being a thug.  I know, hi, he's Crowley, he's a demon and they aren't warm and fuzzy.  But we already had a demon who specialized in torture and thuggery, Alastair, and he was particularly scary because that was his specialty.  We knew he was good at what he did because he broke Dean.  Crowley always struck me more as CEO than King.  I thought his slide toward humanity in Sacrifice was interesting and I hope we're leaving the thug bit behind as we go into S9.  Maybe it's time for a regime change and he could be demoted back to sales.  A likely contender showed up in S8.

Abaddon is up to the challenge.  I'm really looking forward to seeing her again and think she might be my new favorite.  She managed to keep her head even after it was cut off.  Even her hands crawled home.  She's just wicked and she pulls fierce off really well.  Plus, she rocked the 1950's prom hair.  I think she's going to squash a lot of the competition like bugs.  She makes a more believable ruler of Hell than Crowley.

We should also take a brief moment to mention a few of the lesser demons, who while only on screen briefly, were pretty memorable.  Ellsworth, the demon dispatcher, with his network of blood goblets.  He's the AntiBobby.

Then there was Casey who passed an interesting time with Dean before his trip to Hell and gave him a preview of coming attractions.  She knew the importance of picking a nice meat suit.

Meg had good taste there, too.

I'll leave you with the demon that might have been.  He definitely could have given Crowley a run for his money and probably Abaddon too.  They owe Cas a fruit basket.

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