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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 15 - Episode that makes you cry

Cry and the world cries with you, laugh and you must be watching some other show.  Or something like that.

This show makes me cry more than Charlotte's Web, and that's saying something.  In my list of episodes that make me cry, I'm sure I list the same ones everyone else did.  I still can't look at caps of Swan Song without crying, let alone watch the thing again.  I have to balance that out by watching the gag reel from that season so I remember that it's not real.  I've put a couple of other scenes in other meme entries, like Bobby talking to Dean about his deal in All Hell Breaks Loose and Dean smashing the car in Everybody Love a Clown. In My Time of Dying has me crying a lot along with the end of No Rest for the Wicked (which I've only watched once.)   Here are a couple of other scenes that really get to me.

The first is from Heaven and Hell where Dean finally tells Sam what happened in Hell.  Part of what gets me is that this had to have been a rough one for Jensen and Jared.  This is a different kind of crying from The Single Perfect Tear.  Dean is wrecked and by extension Jensen had to get there too.  The other bit that gets me is that Sam spends a lot of the end of the scene trying not to cry.  There's a lot of swallowing back tears and he finally wipes his eyes.  Who knows how that was written.  There aren't that many scenes of them doing something this emotional and both being in the shot together for a lot of it.  I can't watch this dry-eyed.

The other scene that season that makes me cry is the fight between Sam and Dean in When the Levee Breaks.  I have a really hard time watching them in conflict with each other and this is the culmination of a whole season of that.  That Sam is choking Dean at the end and Dean throws John's words at Sam again makes this fight different from others they've had with each other.  The stakes are higher and the blows are a lot more damaging, both physically and emotionally.

Another episode that makes me cry a lot is Abandon All Hope.  I pretty much start to cry when Jo gets caught by the hellhound.  By the time we get to Dean saying good bye to Jo, I'm crying snotty tears.  That kiss on the head.  Argh.  Then Ellen stays and tells Dean to kick it is the ass and I'm usually crying so hard I can't hear the TV.


In My Time of Dying, when Dean thanks Sam for not giving up on him and later Sam asks Dean not to go because they were just getting to be brothers again.  Then John comes to tell Dean how proud he is of him.  I can't let John Winchester cry alone, you know?

In the beginning of Everybody Loves a Clown when the boys give John a hunter's funeral.

From about this point on in All Hell Breaks Loose.

This bit.

The end of Heart.

What Is and What Should Never Be with Dean talking to John's headstone.

The beginning of Exile on Main St. and the last few frames as Sam drives away.  Then I cried intermittently for the first half of the season because I was so frustrated with the story arc.

I already talked about my favorite Bobby scene. Death's Door was a tear fest right through but this part makes me cry most, other than "idjits".

I made it through that episode even though I was crushed they killed off Bobby.  Have I mentioned I miss…yeah you've heard it before.  Then they had to go and have another goodbye scene.  It's a gorgeous cap, even through the blur of tears.

Then came S8 and there was a lot to cry about.  Benny's death to get Sam back, Meg dying, every Sam scene in Sacrifice.  His scene about being purified in the ep where they find Metatron.  Of all of them though, the end of Pac Man Fever hit me hardest.  There was the emotional bit in Charlie's dream and then Dean kissed her on the head, sniff, sniff.  Then he went back and unexpectedly hugged Sam.  Whaaa.

Then Charlie started to read The Hobbit to her mom one last time and I'm crying about it now.  That she was letting go and saying goodbye by going through her favorite time with her mom isn't some supernatural thing that's just a story.  It's all too real.  Then there are the words of the opening sequence about the hole in the ground and it meant so much to me about Sam and Dean in their bunker.  Maybe they'll get some comfort there.  Our boys are like Bilbo leaving comfort to head off on a big adventure.  He made it home and I hope they do too.

I expect the episodes to cry about in the remaining seasons will equal this list.

First three caps by me, the rest from homeofthenutty
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