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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 14 - Ruby 1.0 or 2.0

My favorite Ruby was only briefly on screen.

I liked the way both actresses played Ruby.  I started watching SPN live at the beginning of S4 and so there was more suspense with Ruby 2.0.  I also remember her better.  I liked both of them snarking at Dean.  The character of Ruby was well done and although I didn't trust her, I couldn't tell what her end game was.  I knew she didn't have Sam's best interests at heart.  I think she really cared about Sam in her own demonic way though.  But she was also his dealer and she got him addicted on demon blood, something I don't know if he'd have found if it weren't for her.  The sex makes it all the more complicated in that Ruby was wearing coma girl at the time and Sam was drunk and grieving.  As far as the twisted physical relationship they had going on, Gen and Jared sizzled in their scenes together.  Even then, it seemed like more than just acting.  It feels weird to go back and watch I Know What You Did Last Summer because it feels like intruding on something I shouldn't be there for.
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