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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 12 - Scariest Episode

I should start this entry by saying that what scares me on the show has more to do with the set-up than whether the monster is nasty looking or the results are gory.  I hate to be startled.  When I get startled, I yell and my fight-or-flight reflex has me swinging.  I get even more freaked out by knowing I'm about to be startled but not knowing exactly when.  Jack-in-the-boxes and horror movies are not my cup of tea.  Scenes of utter stillness before scary action or danger that you know is coming but you don't know from where are what have me hiding behind a pillow, or my favorite defense, turning the sound off.  Ironically, with SPN, it's not really the intendedly scary stuff that usually gets to me, it's things like waiting for Sam to find out Dean killed Amy and have the ensuing fight.  I do hate the torture stuff and usually watch an episode around it.  As far as monsters go, ones that suddenly spring into life are utterly hair-raising.  Following that are creepy children and Dean's face getting warped by Ellie's hellhound-induced vision.

Without a doubt, Scarecrow was the scariest episode for me.  Most of S1 was scary but that episode tops my list.  I know the ugly scarecrow is the monster and all the while Dean is snarking at it, I'm waiting for it to leap to life and grab him.  As it is, I'm waiting until I'm almost done writing this to put the Scarecrow caps in.

No, don't stop there.  Leave now, Now, NOW!

Have you no sense of self-preservation, Dean?  We do find out that it is sadly lacking.  This should have been a clue.

I got the same kind of scared by the bio lab dummy and the mannequin in Mannequin 3.  Dean snarked at both again and I just kept peeking around the edge of the couch.

It's looking right at me, isn't it?

The other creature that scared me the same way was the fairy from LARP and the Real Girl with her black cloak and skull mask.  I think it was so scary because of the absolute stillness of it but I still knew some creature was under there waiting to pounce.

That same sense of knowing the evil is waiting to pounce was there while waiting for the wraith to come out of the air ducts at the beginning of Sam, Interrupted.  I didn't even need to see the monster to be thoroughly wigged out.

I'll give a nod to the creepiest child from a group of creepy children.  She's the changeling that the mother tried to drown in a car in The Kids Are Alright.  Only SPN would manage to make a scene like that make any kind of sense.

Now that I've given myself a raging case of the heebie jeebies, I'm going to go try to sleep with the light on.  I'm so glad we're done with this entry.  Oh no, the dog needs to go out…...

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