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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 9 - Favorite Villain

Just a brief entry for this one because my favorite Big Bad was Lucifer and I talked about him on angel day.  He was scary during S5 as a corporeal bad guy and scary for a whole boatload of different reasons when he came back as a hallucination in Sam's head.  There have been a couple of other big bads I've liked.  Ruby had me guessing right up to the end.  Azazel was a well-crafted villain with a great story arc.  Although he was only in on the action for a few episodes in S4, Alastair was really important to Dean's story that season.  Dick Roman was a great send up of motivational speakers and American corporate culture.  So smarmy and predatorial.  I liked the commentary on our food supply too.  I wasn't crazy about Crowley or Cas as the big bad.  I'm really looking forward to Abaddon's run.  She's been awesome so far.  I can't separate Metatron from his revenging nerd days and find him more annoying than scary.  Maybe Abaddon will squash him like a bug.  
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