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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 5 - Favorite Female Character

Favorite Female Character - I have two.

I was reading through a SPN meme I had filled out a couple of years ago.  It was fun to see if I still agreed with myself.  Ellen was my choice then and from the seasons that she was in them, she's my favorite.  I love her mama bear protective attitude toward Jo.  I liked her relationship with the boys.  She's not afraid to tell them exactly what she thinks about whatever it is that they are up to.  I like her because she was brave and she was in on a couple of the really dangerous missions.  She didn't back away from what she thought needed to be done.  She took on an angel in a drinking game.  I also really liked that they didn't turn her into a love interest for anyone except Bobby in an alternate future.  She survived the death of her husband and managed to make a liveable, safe situation for herself and her daughter while Jo was growing up.  She was one of the few mothers on the show that lived to see her children grow up.  She even outlived Jo by a few seconds.

Whiskey now, if you don't mind.

ELLEN: The can of whoopass I ought to open on you.
ELLEN: You can't pick up a phone? What are you, allergic to giving me peace of mind? I got to find out that you're alive from Rufus?

All right, big boy.

Place seem a little empty to you?

ELLEN: And Dean?
DEAN looks back.
ELLEN: Kick it in the ass. Don't miss.

In the last couple of seasons, my favorite character has been Charlie Bradbury.  She's different from Ellen in most ways but she's got smarts and courage.  She hasn't backed down from a fight either.  I loved our introduction to her dancing in the elevator on her way to work.  I'm glad she's not a potential love interest for the boys either.  I like the relationship she has with Dean.  It would be fun to see her in a scene with Kevin.  I also just really like the way Felicia Day delivers her lines, just on the edge of being over-excited, sometimes borderline hysterical.

♪ And I just can't wait till the day ♪
♪ When you knock on my door ♪

What the frak's a Leviathan?

I'm gonna die. I should have taken that job at Google.

CHARLIE: I know. Take your leave to my medical tent and attend to your... severed limbs.

It's not just that, though. It's an escape. I mean, here, I'm queen, a hero. Out there in the real world, I'm just hacking out code and chugging coffee all day long.

Come with me if you wanna live. (beat) I've always wanted to say that. What're you doing in my dream?

Well, after you guys left, I dug into all things monsters. I'm a wee bit obsessive. If "wee bit" means completely.

Son of a pantsuit.

SAM: Thanks. You know, you really should come back and dig through our archives. You are definitely a Woman of Letters.
CHARLIE: I like the sound of that.

Caps from The Home of the Nutty.

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