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30 Days of Supernatural - Day 4 - Favorite Male Character

Favorite Male Character other than Sam and Dean - It probably isn't any surprise I would pick Bobby (have I mentioned that I mis…nevermind).  Of anyone on the show, he's the most like me.  Other than the whole owning a salvage yard thing…and the beard.  I don't have a panic room in my basement either, more's the pity.  There's another character that ranks right up there though.

In some ways I would have to put Bobby and Cas in a different group from other guests on the show.  They were there often enough to become part of the general fabric of the show for me.  I think Cas gets his own day later so I'll get to him then.  SPN has been really fortunate to have been able to cast actors and actresses that have brought something special to the roles they've had.  Among the guys, I've been particularly impressed with Mark Sheppard's Crowley, Christopher Heyerdahl's Alastair, Frederic Lehne's Azazel and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's John.  Kurt Fuller was awesome as Zachariah.  They really hit gold when they got Mark Pellegrino to play Lucifer.  The guy I really like though is Julian Richings as Death.

I covet his car.  Ah, she's a beauty.

He has the best entrance of just about any character I've ever seen on any show.  He also physically looks the part although it's awful to think that anyone looks like Death (warmed over or otherwise).

I like the fact that he has some sort of quirky mutual respect going on with Dean and them kind of bonding over junk food.  Dean rarely has that kind of respect for any supernatural character.  On a show where most characters end up being made to look foolish at one point or other, they've allowed Death to have a certain dignity.

The thing about Death though is that he showed up about the time that I was asking myself some really big questions about how I saw God, the universe and everything.  I had been to the Grand Canyon and was staggered by how it was so big that I couldn't even grasp the size of it standing on the rim looking down in.  Along comes Death and had this conversation with Dean and it echoed a lot of how I was feeling.  Very insignificant.

DEATH: You have an inflated sense of your importance. To a thing like me, a thing like you, well...Think how you'd feel if a bacterium sat at your table and started to get snarky. This is one little planet in one tiny solar system in a galaxy that's barely out of its diapers. I'm old, Dean. Very old. So I invite you to contemplate how insignificant I find you. (Death gestures to the pizza) Eat. (Dean takes a bite of the pizza) Good, isn't it?

The rest of the conversation gave me a philosphical headache.

DEAN: Well, I got to ask. How old are you?
DEATH: As old as God. Maybe older. Neither of us can remember anymore. Life, death, chicken, egg. Regardless -- at the end, I'll reap him, too.
DEAN: God? You'll reap God?
DEATH: Oh, yes. God will die, too, Dean.

Very rarely have I run into anything on fiction TV that has made me think this much.

I still don't have the answers to the everything question but I care less now.  I figure I'm quarks and to quarks I will return at some point.  So here's to the character who participated in my existential crisis.  Next time, bring me pizza too.

Caps mostly from The Home of the Nutty.
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