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Percy Jackson - A Sea of Monsters

I just got home from watching A Sea of Monsters with my 10-year-old.  For the uninitiated, it's the second in Rick Riordan's book series about Percy Jackson, demi-god son of Poseidon.  A lot of the plot seems to be rejiggered Harry Potter with the Greek pantheon.  Sean Bean played Zeus in the first movie and since he surprisingly didn't die, I was hoping for a cameo here.  No such luck.  Jake Abel plays the antagonist and I must say he's looking good if a bit thinner of face than I remember.  He plays the son of Hermes and has a big chip on his shoulder.  Hermes was played by Nathan Fillion, who makes several jokes related to the brief duration of Firefly and his slightly changed appearance.  It's a good movie for a kid who liked the books.  It was middle of the road as a patient parent.  The highlight was walking in as Legolas's face filled up the screen during the trailer for The Hobbit.  He continued to be his BAMF elf self.  Smaug made a cameo appearance as well as did Bilbo and Thorin.  It will be interesting to see which story Peter Jackson is trying to tell come December.  The spiders look suitably creepy, but, you know, spiders, so for most people the creepy is inevitable.  I'm glad my kid had fun and that I now know how to pronounce Charybdis.  That's important because it sounds like a suitable substitute cuss word.  Oh Charybdis, we're gonna need a bigger boat.
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