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SPN 8.23 - first reaction and thoughts on sacrifice

Thoughts before I forget.  LJ's down and iTunes doesn't have the ep yet.  The world is ending.  This is stream of thoughts without much editing.

Jody isn't dead but she needs to start hanging around with a different crowd of friends.

The last bit with all the alarms going off at the Batcave was awesome.

Mark Shepperd rocked that last performance.

I wish they'd have kept that actress as Abaddon.  She was badass enough to be king of hell.

Watching the comments post-episode on tumblr, there's got to be a lot of new viewers because the last episode is always a cliffhanger and people seemed surprised.  As far as cliffhanger agony, this isn't it.  Everybody is still alive and Sam and Dean were together with the car.  They'll find Cas.  Maybe I'm old and jaded.

I called it that Boogatron was not on the up-and-up.  I didn't get his end game though.

Naomi remained complex to the end.

Bobby's car and junkyard. :-(

LOL, the drinking on the job comment.

We got 4 Sam and Dean hugs this season.

Thoughts for next season.  The trials were to be undertaken by a human for the demon tablet. I’m figuring the angel tablet is that way also. Cas is human now and could perform the real trials. It will be great mirroring though if Dean does the angel trials. The last step in the demon tablet was to cure a demon. What if the last stage of the angel trials is to restore an angel’s grace? Cas’s grace must be around somewhere.

I bet Sam stays dormant in his ability to conclude the trials and all he has to do is slice himself and smack his hand over Crowley’s mouth. That’s how he’ll go out at the very end of the show…when he’s already at the point of death from something else but Crowley will ask him to do it because he’ll want the cure finished. Sam won’t leave Dean behind though so Dean will have to be somewhere nearby either already dead or just about from the angel trials if Cas doesn’t do them.  Dean will have to restore an angel’s grace to lock heaven so he’ll restore Cas’s grace from the tube at the same time Sam heals Crowley and they’ll all go hang out with Ash in heaven where they’ll be met by John and Mary. Not my ideal ending but it could happen….

The Lord of the Rings ended one part with Sam and Frodo cuddled (Sam and Dean by the car) together with fire coming down on them.  Where are the eagles?  They are falling on fire.

The episode was Sacrifice and it was there but not in the way we thought it might be.  Sacrifices were made by everyone or something they held dear was offered up.  Dean sacrificed closing hell, Kevin sacrificed a real life and his mother, Cas sacrificed his grace, Naomi sacrificed her mission, Abaddon sacrificed the shirt she loved, Crowley's demonic nature was offered up, Cupid sacrificed her bow (hand), Sam sacrificed completing the trials and the purification that would have come with it, the angels sacrificed Heaven, Meg sacrificed herself, Dean sacrificed Benny, Sam sacrificed Amelia.  What wasn't sacrificed, was Sam.  It's opposite of Lucifer Rising where the angels were content to let Sam free Lucifer and take the consequences.  They told Dean what would happen and he didn't get there in time.  This time Naomi warned Dean in time to get back and prevent Sam from taking that final step.  Dean didn't have to rely on a cell phone message to convey his love for Sam, he was able to say it himself.

One of the themes of the season was letting go and a sacrifice is one way to do that.  When Dean said he was never going to let go, he was telling it like it was.

Now we just have to figure out how this all ties in with a sacrificed piece on the chess board.

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