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SPN Season 8 - Rough Road So Far

I've been looking at caps for season 8 and have been struck by the physical impact this season has had on most of the characters this season.  The only one not physically wrecked at this point is Dean but emotionally he's been broken down quite a bit too.  Here are caps from early in the season, mostly from 8.01 and then from 8.21.  I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.



Put next to each other, it's nice to see that some things have improved.

Then there's this.  From about as far out of the life to as far in as possible.

Sam and Dean aren't the only ones who've been through the wringer. Kevin and Cas look like whatever the cat dragged in.  At least they are both still alive, which is more than could be said for Benny.

From hiding out in a church to staring down Crowley.

From Purgatory to messed up protector of the now-stolen angel tablet.

Even without being spoiled for the last two episodes, I know it's going to get worse for a couple of these guys.  Hopefully everybody is still able to walk come the start of season 9.  Buckle up, we've still got a lot of bad road ahead.

Caps from homeofthenutty
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