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National Library Week

In the US, it's National Library Week.  Head on over.  Libraries are awesome with plenty of access to all kinds of information.  They are enlightening.

Need convincing?

There are many ways to find information in a library.  You could start by checking the card catalog.

Or search the online catalog for what you are looking for.

Not finding it in the building?  The library is connected to the internet for additional searching.

If your item is in the building, use the call number to find the right section of the library.

Books are generally kept on open shelving.

Libraries also have reference books such as encyclopedias.

There are magazines and journals in the periodical collection.

Still not finding it?

There are other places to check.


You can ask the staff for assistance.  Not all materials are kept in the book stacks.

Staff can help you and your coworkers find information that will help you do your job.

Libraries have collections of personal papers and historic documents.  Still skeptical?

Some libraries also have artifacts that you can inspect.  For the safety of other patrons, please exercise caution.

Some older materials such as back issues of newspapers are stored on microfiche and microfilm to save shelf space.

Libraries also have rare books and MacGuffins.

When you find what you are looking for, be sure to handle it carefully.

Let the library staff reshelve materials when you are finished.  No one likes a messy library.

When you find what you are looking for, you can often borrow the materials for extended reading.

That means a trip to the circulation desk or self check out terminal.  Generally those are located on a counter.  It helps to come when the library is open.

Libraries do not recommend breaking and entering even if it appears to be a solid career choice.  Maybe you should check the resources available for job skill training and resume writing.

Really.  No one wants to call security.  See above comment about messy libraries.  Dead bodies and zombies are discouraged.

All others are welcome.  Libraries can be a great place to meet live people (or kitsune).

Feel free to bring a study partner.

Libraries are wonderful places to work on those pesky group projects.

There is plenty of room to spread out and divide the work.

Some libraries even allow eating and drinking.  I know that will make many of you very happy.

Remember to keep your voices down while you are studying.  Even the ones in your head.

If these suggestions are followed, your library visit will be fruitful.

Libraries - putting the L in successful since before Alexander the Great.  Let us help you succeed in all your endeavors and trials.  Visit your local library.

Remember to cite your sources...all caps from homeofthenutty.
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