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Icarus was a test pilot

Happy Birthday, Dean

 Happy Birthday to Dean Winchester, one of my favorite characters.  So much angst and snark as well as being an all around badass.   It's fun to see how he's changed over 6 seasons.  Here's some pictures...

From Phantom TravelerFrom Everybody Loves a Clown
From Dream a Little Dream of MeFrom Monster Movie
From The EndFrom Changing Channels
From Exile on MainstreetFrom Two and a Half Men

And here's my favorite picture:

From Bloodlust

Who knows how old he is, 32 or 33 depending on the wacky timeline of the TV show.   Hopefully he'll get a break from the never ending emotional agony he seems to always be enduring but I doubt it.  Thanks to Jensen Ackles who does a great job playing the role.

All caps are from Home of the Nutty or Screencap Paradise.
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