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Leprechaun traps, birthdays and endless winter

Happy belated St. Patrick's Day.  In honor of the day, the kid built a leprechaun trap using a pop bottle filled with gold coins made of construction paper.  They were covered with the greatest invention since the wheel, glitter glue.  The leprechaun was too wily to fall for that but he did leave a note.  Liam O'Shaughnessy claimed a glue allergy but did give good marks for effort.  In true kindness, he left a four leaf clover plant to grow and a container of putty that squeaks and makes farting noises when squeezed.  My nine-year-old's dream gift.

Today is St. Joseph's Day and tomorrow is the first official day of spring.  Happy first birthday, Tommy Padalecki, sometime around now.  I'm sure there will be the obligatory photos of the child smeared with cake and frosting.  I will be turning a much more dignified 45 later this week.  I hope to have my cake and eat it too, not wear it.  I have no idea how this much of my life passed in the blink of an eye.  It's been good with more blessings than I can count.

Winter has seemed more endless than usual.  The sun is out but it's bitter cold and the snow keeps coming.  Winter in late March isn't abnormal here but we've had a couple of easy winters and I got out of practice gutting it out.  (It's a marathon, not a sprint.)  I really think bears have it right with the whole hibernation thing.  I seem to have hit the perfect storm of cabin fever, midlife birthday angst and my body no longer responding to my antidepressant.  Ladybugs and box elder bugs aren't deterred by these mundane things and are coming out of the woodwork like it might be spring after all.  We are heading to warm Phoenix for spring break later this week.  Spring training, sun, no boots, and fresher veggies will make a world of difference.  The rest of it will keep for a week.

Hope it feels like spring wherever you are in the north and still feels like the glorious part of early autumn in the south.  
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