Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

Bye, 2010

 Here's what stands out for me looking back at 2010.

The Funny:  

My second grade daughter reported to me that "boys are so last year."  Yup, I wonder how long that will last.

The Good:

I started volunteering weekly at our local food bank.  

I figured out what was wrong with my dishwasher, ordered the part and fixed it myself.  My own personal crowning moment of awesome.

We went to Phoenix and I got to see the Grand Canyon.  Looking down into it, it's so vast that I lost all perspective of its size and depth. It's amazing.

I got back home to the UP.

We went to Disney World in December and I got to ride on the teacups with my kid.  She thinks it's hilarious when I can't walk when I get out.  On the way back, we got diverted to Grand Forks, ND, due to weather.  Nice town and the people there were great.  I got to see the Red River.  I guess when folks say that area of the country is flat, they weren't kidding.

Our second dog came to live with us in June.  She's lovable, easily excited, and ball crazy.  She would rather play catch than eat.

I learned to knit.

I canned a bushel and a half of tomatoes.  We also had an amazing cucumber plant that produced about 10 kg.  I pickled about 13 quarts.  The bread and butter pickles turned out the best.  Yumm.

The Tough:

I nursed our first dog, Penny, through the last six months of kidney disease brought on by Lyme disease.  She was a rescue dog and she was already sick when she came to us although we didn't know it at the time.  She was only with us for a year and half.  I learned a lot about low protein diets and how to give subcutaneous fluids.  I kept her comfortable as long as I could but finally had to have her put to sleep when her kidneys failed altogether and the rest of her systems started to shut down.  She was the first pet I've had since high school some 20+ years ago and the first that I had to make life and death decisions for.  I miss her so.

Here's to an awesome 2011, auld lang syne and all that.  Have a happy, healthy one.

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