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Garden wrap-up 2012

We just got the first seed catalog for next year's garden so I probably should make my notes about this year's.  It's mostly photos this time around.  On the whole, it grew pretty well.  The summer was wet enough until the end when it got extremely dry.  We didn't get intense heat for long periods either.  The most fun part, other than eating fresh veggies, was the visitors this year.  This frog lived in the garden and was there to keep me company as I tried not to step on it while weeding.

This little one was just passing through and stopped to rest on a hosta.

It was a good year for green beans, cukes, and gourds.  I planted potatoes in tubs for the first time.  I need to give up on carrots unless I dig out the clay and put in looser soil.  We got a lot of tomatoes but only three or four ripened on the vine.  Critters ate most of those.  The rest ripened in paper bags and we did get enough to can about 7 quarts. The peppers didn't get enough sun and got some sort of disease.  Lettuce was a bust compared to last year.  The most noticable thing this year were the volunteer gourd plants that grew in the center of the strawberries.  I could tell they would be cukes, pumpkins or squash by the leaves and any of those were possibilities from the compost.  I left them there because they seemed healthy and I was curious.  That says a lot about my life.  Oh look, I wonder what this does?  I still have all my fingers much to my delight.

Garden, mid summer. Cuke on the trellis. Gourd in the center.

Down garden view, other gourd, green beans, tomatoes.

Same views several weeks on.

The above gourd (squash, pumpkin, whatever) only had male flowers and this wasn't an mpreg garden so nothing grew on the plant except pretty flowers and big leaves.  The other had both and produced fruit.  Maybe this guy helped.

The cukes, gourds and other viney thing ended up tangled together on the fence so we had gourds and cukes growing together.

All tallied up, we ended up with

39 tomatoes
2 peppers
3593g green beans
5916g cukes
3 carrots
1422g potatoes
1 green onion (also a volunteer)
6 gourds (squash? They answered to gourd when I talked to them....)

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