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The Hobbit - the long (169 mins) and short (3' 6") of it

In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.

Ok, admit that you wanted to cheer (or sentimentally teared up) when Bilbo said those lines.  You probably fist pumped when Frodo came in, too.  On the whole, I really liked the movie.  I took my 9-year-old who has been waiting for this movie since I brought home the LoTR extended version and we got to know Peter Jackson and the Weta Workshop crew.  We have seen the how-they-made-its so often we have dialog memorized.  The kid has read The Hobbit as well as heard it and LoTR read aloud.  Needless to say, expectations were high.  Thank goodness the movie delivered.  We saw the 3D version but passed on the IMAX.

For me, the best part was getting to go back to Middle Earth (New Zealand) and finding it beautiful and familiar.  It was lovely to see old friendly faces, especially Gandalf and Galadriel, and meet some new ones.  Martin Freeman is a delight as Bilbo and ok, yeah, Kili was kind of hot.  I got attached to the same characters I did reading the book - Bilbo, Gandalf, Balin, Fili and Kili.  Here's a list of what else I liked....

They kept the dishwashing song from Bilbo's house. 

They let the ponies wander off instead of making them into goblin dinner.

The whole sequence between Gollum and Bilbo was really well done including the iconic shot of Gollum on the rock in the middle of his lake.  I liked the weighty sound given to the ring as it bounced on the rock after Gollum dropped it.  

I'm glad we got to see Galadriel and Gandalf in a scene together.  They played off each other well.  Somebody will ship them, I'm sure....

I loved the stone-throwing rock 'em, sock 'em giants.

I even liked the inclusion of the Necromancer and Radagast.

The hep cat Goblin King was groovy even if some of that reminded me of Gringott's. 

Smaug's eye.

There were a couple of things I could have skipped.  I didn't need the Great White Orc but I can see why they added him.  Some parts, although cool to watch, could have had a few minutes edited out, particularly the escape from the goblin's lair.  I could have used a seventh inning stretch.  Also, although I liked Richard Armitage's performance, I have always found Thorin to be a difficult character to like.  That is probably as it is intended but if I felt more sympathy for him, I think I would connect with the story better.  Boromir was a complicated character and not always likeable but I understood his motivation and could respect it.  I cared that he would find redemption before the end.  I even sympathized with Gollum.  I'm hoping maybe the next movie will help me warm to Thorin a bit.  I am looking forward to seeing what Peter Jackson does with the rest of the story, especially with Beorn, Smaug and Bard.  

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