Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

SPN 6.07 - Better speculate before today's episode

First off, doesn't anyone say Christo anymore? How did Christian go undetected as a demon by Cas? Also, we evidently need a soul to sleep. Hee. When the reapers come to collect, what are they taking? Is that a soul? I'm guessing when Sam and Dean were in heaven, those were their souls we could see. What is a body with no soul? How is Sam so much different than a zombie or the chick in What's Dead Should Stay Dead or just the walking dead/undead? Also, did anyone try and read Sam's arms (or Samuel's for that matter) to see if there is a deal written there? Maybe Sam's soul is in a suitcase like the ones being taken to Famine. Where ever it is, I don't think it's going to come back in very good shape. Maybe Sam with no soul is actually preferable to the soul-in-waiting. Sam's body seems to have acquired some extra power. His senses seem pretty keen and his reactions are pretty quick. Did he get brought back because he would make the perfect monster like the alpha said?

Poor Dean. I wonder if he's ever going to get a chance to map out his own path for life. He just keeps getting dumped into these situations where he has to react. Here, be your brother's keeper again.  Everything is happening at a pretty fast pace.

I liked the episode. I'm glad to see Crowley for whatever reason. The alpha was cool and creepy. I liked how he called Sam and Dean boys. Seems like that's how I refer to them too.

Looking forward to tonight.
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