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Argo and one SPN 8.03 cap

I got to see the movie Argo tonight.  It was directed and starred in by Ben Affleck.  The movie is based on the true story of a CIA operative working to get 6 US embassy staff members out of Iran after they escaped when the rest of the staff were taken hostage.

They pose as a Canadian film crew scouting a location for a science fiction film.  The juxtaposition of the absurdity of Hollywood against the Iranian revolution is done pretty well so there are a few humorous moments mixed in with the drama unfolding.

Plenty of suspense and the pacing was pretty good.  It was cool to see a movies set in 1979 with the clothes and hairstyles as well as the cars that I remember pretty well from being a kid. If you get to see it, stay through the credits because they put the pictures of the real people that the story was about up side by side with the actors who played them.

Also one great cap from SPN 8.03 because I didn't want to wait until I have the recap pulled together. 

Check out the pie on the window by Dean.  The tree reflection is cool too.  Nice job, Jensen.

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