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SPN 7.04 - Late summer light

To pass the time until Season 8 starts on Wednesday (or I get to watch Thursday morning), here are some caps from 7.04.  Bob Singer directed this one.  Maybe it was the time of the year or the location that gave him some nice natural light to film by.  It seems like a lot of SPN is filmed at night and caps can be really dark.  This one gave us a daylight ride in the Impala along with a conversation over her roof.  That's great sunshine.  The light has the look about it like it's late August or early September here in the north.  In these couple, it feels like late afternoon.  Look at that shiny Impala roof.

Doesn't that light make you think that summer vacation is almost over?

There was still a lot of the show filmed at night and one of the main reccuring features was shadows of trees and leaves.  There are a lot of brick walls here and mountains.  Brick and rock were pretty common throughout the whole season and a lot of mountains at the beginning.  Flowers show up but they don't seem to correspond with immediate danger.  Most of them surround Dean and I suppose you could make a case for him being in danger for most of the episode.  He has something to hide and sometimes flowers have been related to that in earlier seasons.  There are a lot of deer, maybe because the episode takes place in Dearborn, Michigan.  More about that later.  Most of the rest of the noticeable art was reused in later episodes. The first one even appears to be on the same color wall.

Wall paint and art again in 7.15.

Abstract city used again in 7.15 and wavy lines from 7.01 are hung horizontally here instead of vertically.  The waitress is lucky that she only ended up a witness, not a victim with all that pink.

Neal's Tavern sign seen again in 7.23.  The tavern in this episode has a lot of brick.

The first victim had a deer herd in his office.  A deer on a shield plaque is used again in Rufus's cabin in 7.23 which for some reason was heavy on deer also.  The best deer is the hand drawn one behind Sam.  The victim's apartment also had brick walls.

The contents of the bowl in the first victim's apartment include deer, mountains, and rocks.

In the Rabbi's office, there's a globe and painting of a ship also used in 7.01 in the house where they summon Death.  Here are some of the tree shadows.  

Leaf shadows and a large brick wall.

Here is ghost-created frost on a window with a tree beyond it creating a similar look.

The wallpaper looks a bit like a negative of the leaf shadows.  The picture on the wall was also used in 7.03 in young Amy's house.  I don't know if it was deliberately placed by where Jo would later turn on the gas.  Did Osiris intend to wipe out the whole hotel just to kill Dean?

The first victim runs by a bunch of red flowers and tree shadows trying to get away from the ghost car.

He also runs by a lot of brick.

And water lilies.

We get a great shot of the car's Evil Eye.  

There are a few other flowers from this part of the story.  The little girl he killed has red flowers on her shirt.

White roses on her grave and headstone.

The rest of the flowers are in scenes with Dean.  Sam thanks Dean for not killing Amy.  

Nice light, isn't it?  I'm all for anything that makes Dean squint.

Red flowers behind Dean and brick at the first victim's house.

Brick at the flower shop and in the sidewalk.  The bright cheerful flowers are such a contrast with where Dean's head is at in this episode.  It should be cold and rainy with a lot of dead plants and trees.  Oh right, Purgatory comes later.

Actual leaves instead of shadows.  In any of the later episodes, wearing that apron would be a fatal fashion choice. 

Flowered couch.

No flowers at the bar but Dean has red and yellow behind him for most of the time he's drinking and chatting up the bartender.

Dean is at the bar while Sam is off checking out the barn at the old cider mill.  Warren is hanging out back at their room trying to stay alive.  The motel room has a brick wall in the bathroom and several pieces of art with mountains.  The name of the hotel is the Ranier Hotel.  That would be expected if you were in Washington state but in Dearborn, Michigan, it's very much out of place.  Dearborn is just outside Detroit in southeast Michigan and it's pretty flat.  People don't go there for the downhill skiing. 

Trust Sam and Dean to find some mountains anyhow.  

Dean gets the yellow flowers on his side of the car.  Nobody gets directions.  It's cool to see the interior of the car in daylight.  No airbag in that sleek steering wheel.  If you want to adjust the side mirror, you probably stick your arm out and grab it.  It's got small triangle vent windows at the front of each door which you don't see anymore.

No seat belt either and the back of the seat ends below shoulder height (at least on these guys - for me it would still come up to my ears).  I hope we see a lot more of the car in S8 than we did in this one.

Although there are no mountains, southeast Michigan does have a lot of cider mills and apple orchards.  Even around Detroit, it's pretty easy to get out of the city and find a mill for cider and warm donuts.  Old red wood barns are pretty common, too.  Rather than cider (or mountains), Dearborn is known for a couple of things.  It has one of the largest Arab American populations in the US.  (The Baklava is amazing.)  It's also the world headquarters of Ford Motor Company.  While the truck below is an old 48ish Chevy...

...they nailed it with the Ford tractor and I'll give them a pass for the mountains.

Later Dean's taken to the barn and there's a cool transition shot with Sam's hand in red dirt outside the bar overlaid by the barn.  Looks like a full moon or close to it.  

While Sam is trying to save Dean, they shot a scene sort of like time lapse photography.  The cap below was part of that.  The ceiling is pretty great.  The way Sam and Dean are placed in the room reminded me of some of the promo photo shoots they've done for the show.

It was cool to see Jo again even if she did have to wear ghost make-up, never a good look for anybody.

While it was hard for me to picture something romantic between these two in the early seasons, the caring between them is palpable the last couple of times we've seen them together.  Maybe because there is so little gentleness displayed by anyone on SPN, it really stands out when someone reaches out to either of the boys offering comfort.

Sam and Bobby manage to figure out how to put Osiris out of commission for a couple hundred years and the boys leave town by way of a lakeside conversation next to yellow flowers.

Caps from Home of the Nutty and true_fellings

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