Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

There's a beautiful full moon out there right now where I am.  It's the second one this month so it's a blue moon in case you have any of those "once in a blue moon" plans or just need a reason to go out and gaze at it fondly (or howl).  We don't get another one until 2015.  While you're gazing, here's a soundtrack.  There are lots of versions of Blue Moon.  I like the mellow one by the Mavericks.  Then there's Blue Moon of Kentucky with a bit of Bill Monroe doing his slower blue grass version at the beginning with Ricky Skaggs and John Fogerty kicking in and picking up the pace.  And, of course, there's Elvis's version.  


Goodnight, y'all.  Goodnight, Moon.  
Tags: just life, music, space

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