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Dean Winchester/Led Zeppelin logo mashup

I've been wanting to try art with Dean Winchester based on Led Zeppelin's Swan Song logo.  

I know it would make more sense from a episode perspective to use Sam but he and Zep don't seem to go hand in hand.  I made a color version first so I could use that to do the black and white concert logo from the 1977 US tour which is what I really wanted.  I've never done much with shadows or trying to show depth.  When you look at the original logo, which is also based on some other guy's art, it still has a hand drawn or painted look to it rather than an airbrushed look so I thought it might be ok to give it a go.  I might hang the color version on the fridge.  It looks like the novice work that it is but I'm happy enough to quit messing with it.  I like the black and white one a lot more.  If you have a concert logo, you need a back for a t-shirt, hence the tour list.  I put the originals at the bottom.


The font I used on the Dean Winchester name was based on Carouselambra and the tour list is Dyer.  This was fun and frustrating in equal measure and wouldn't have been at all possible if I'd had to use a paintbrush or pencil instead of a stylus.  Now I want to take a class.  I want to learn to do airbrush painting too so I can put this on my conversion van.  
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