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So what do you think happened?

I let myself get spoiled for the start of SPN season 8 by some of what came out at Comicon.  Now, before we all get Kripked, Carvered or Edlunded....

What did Sam do with his lost year?  Give me your best guess or wish or wishnot about how it all went down.

Small town, city, alpaca ranch?

Midwest, Florida, Canada?

How did he meet the girl? (seriously, what is she thinking, sure he's hot but the sex will take years off your life.)

Did he use his real identity?  Does the woman know about hunting?  Is she completely human? 

Job, clerk at a video store, park ranger, food critic, taxi dispatcher?

What did he do with The Car and all of Dean's stuff?  How long did he sleep with the Red Plaid Shirt of Angst under his pillow?

PTSD - gone?  Got therapy? Suffered in silence and nightmares?  Did he get a break from repeated head trauma and being throttled?

Serious speculation or complete crack, what do you think?  

It's hotter than blue blazes and the AC died yesterday.  I need a distraction.



Jul. 19th, 2012 02:01 am (UTC)
I'm gonna go with East Coast and Sam being a vet tech. I'm still working on the spoilers feeling like something other than URGH, so I think I'll imagine that Sam tells the girl the truth, and they share their respective traumas and bond over their losses - so she totally understands why Sam STILL sleeps with the Red Plaid Shirt of Angst under his pillow :) Yep. Gonna go with that. lol

Also, omg, I hope you get some AC soon. I'd die here without it, it's SO damn hot!
Jul. 19th, 2012 03:09 am (UTC)
They finally fixed the AC this afternoon. Whew, cuz it's supposed to be awful again on Friday. I feel so bad for anyone who has to work outside in this heat.

(You just know on really bad days Sam wraps up in the shirt and goes to sit in the car where it stll smells a bit like Dean.)


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