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SPN 7.02 - Unexpected flowers and lots of blue

I went back to look at some of the caps of earlier episodes in light of how the season went.  I'm not going back to do entries on all the early ones but this one is worth a look because of what Guy Bee, the director, added to shots to tie it all together.  It's also cool to see where some of the flowers ended up.

This episode was written by Ben Edlund and I tend to like his episodes.  They always seem to be full of a lot of gore and splatter and this wasn't all that different.  He writes Sam and Dean pretty well too which I really appreciate.  The episode was directed by Guy Norman Bee and I like his directing.  There are a couple of interviews that he's done after directing where he talks about why he chose certain shots or settings.  He also talks about what the actors added that wasn't in the script.  He's on twitter and he's been to conventions so he seems to understand the fans.  

With this episode, he tried to incorporate a lot of images of water and blue to go with the Leviathans.  The Stockwell Sharks swim team in blue is the most obvious.  In addition, there are a lot of uses of pinks and reds, as well as flowers.  I know that flowers show up a lot in later episodes but I didn't remember seeing them early on.  When I went back to look at early caps, this episode has flowers that aren't really obvious but nicely placed.  I think I squawked out loud when I found the ones at the hospital.

This is the last we see of Bobby's house but like in 7.01, we get to see more of it than usual.  This is also the last time we see Cas god-tripping.  He walks out into the water and explodes into a pile of black goo.  A lot of meta was well-written about the shots of Cas heading into the water so I'm not going to talk about that.

We started where we left off.  Sam's being choked by Lucifer against a brick wall with an angel light positioned almost over Lucifer's head. 

Bobby's coming around in front of a black and red streaky mess that echoes the general splatter theme of the season.

Dean faces off with the Levianthan in front of more blood spray.

From there it's off to the water supply and then it's everywhere.  Ironic sign below.

The last sign is shown after Cas explodes and it's a lovely caution yellow.

Guy Bee said that Jensen had a lot to do with how the trench coat part of the scene was handled.  The folding up of the coat was somewhat like the folding of a flag at a military funeral.  We didn't get a wing shot so I figured we'd see Cas again but we did get the black Leviathans feathering out over the water.  In a sense, the Cas that we knew is dead even if he shows up in one form or other later.

The snarky part of me thinks that this probably turns out to be stinky, crunchy, and moldy but it appears that Dean carries it with him much like he keeps Bobby's flask.

From here we go to a bunch of scenes with people using water from the polluted reservoir.  There are a lot of potential victims and there is a lot of pink and red to go around plus some of Guy's blue for water.


Pink plus all the red and orange in the food.

Then we get a victim with some pink.  

And her unsuspecting brother wearing orange and green.  Run kid.  I can't tell what she's got on the hair clip on this side but it and her shirt are blue.

We stop back in to see this kid more than once and it's worth putting them together.  She wears a lot of pink and she's surrounded or covered in flowers for the rest of the time we see her.  Here the flowers are the rug and on the bedding and blackboard.  There is a blue water lily dish on the TV and blue folder on the night stand.  The leather bag on the headboard looks a bit like a doctor's bag if you squint.

Then she's in a pink dress covered with flowers sitting on the red swing waiting for Edgar.  Victim and threat both.

Edgar's surrounded by red and yellow and you know that can't be good.

I think one of the poster girls is wearing pink.

Then we switch gears and go check in on Dr. Sexy.  Oh right, he's later, this is Dean.  The picture of the water and mountains has been there forever but the room isn't usually this well lit.

I think that's the "ewwwww" face.


I wonder who Johnny Labinski is.  Some pal of Jerry Wanek, no doubt.  Whiskey - for medicinal purposes.

We've seen this view of Bobby's house, but not as often as looking at the couch, the fireplace or into the kitchen.  

There's a desk in the corner providing a convenient spot for Lucifer to heckle from.  I think the picture behind him is a boat.  Here's a nice shot of Bobby's ugly wallpaper.  There are flowers on there as well as people.

I don't know if that picture is there behind Lucifer specifically because of the themes for this season but it's a different picture than from back in Season 5.  

Lucifer's come between Sam and Dean.  Sam looks small here and it's exaggerated by Dean looming and even Lucifer looking like he's higher up.  It looks like an interrogation with Sam hemmed in.  

Aww Sam.  This is worse than the cut hand.

Later, we get Bobby trying to find out from Dean how he's doing.  I really like this exchange between the two of them including the smiles even though they aren't looking at each other.  I miss Bobby.

After this, Dean goes off to investigate a possible Leviathan sighting in Stockville, home of the Sharks.  I love how the pennants look like shark (or Leviathan) teeth over the door. 

Sam is left to deal with the devil in his head.  Hallucifer is nicely lit with red.

I like the light on Bobby and the red accents in the kitchen.  He's not in danger at this point but Sam doesn't really know that.  Evidently Jared swiped the owls on the windowsill for Jim.

We jump to Sioux Falls General and we get to see Sheriff Mills again.  The sign is in ominous colors and it's another large brick building. 

The patients are wearing some of the water blue instead of pink.  Unfortunately it doesn't eliminate the threat if you're still sitting in front of a bunch of red and yellow outlets and you have cards by your bed with orange flowers.  So far the Sheriff looks like she's still not a target.

Dr. Sexy is about to become lunch.  Great sign behind him.

Up to this point, Jodi was just an observer but the danger is coming to her too and now she has cards with orange flowers in the shots of her as well as the red and yellow outlets.

The swim team and Edgar arrive at the hospital to see about some snacks.  There is some art in the waiting room that looks like it might be the start of some of the dead tree imagery.  Nice blue chair and wall as accents plus a water bottle.

When these guys get to their next victims, the light is yellow and red.

The yellow stays when Bobby has a run in with the Leviathans.

Meanwhile, Hallucifer has taken on Dean's appearance. Hallucidean? Deanifer? Anyhow, we get to see another piece of Bobby's house that doesn't usually show up and right next to fake!Dean is a big ol' flowery curtain.

Later when we see real!Dean, the curtain isn't in the shot.

A lot of the shots of Sam as he travels with Hallucifer have more red light in them.

Lucifer has gone corporate.

Red flowers on the hillside.  

Guy said even the puddles on the floor were a deliberate use of water.  Red barrels, blue rack.

Cool image of red splattered pipes.

When Sam connects with a bit of reality on the way in, the red light is less.

The same with real!Dean's view of the scene.

Back to Sam's crazy worldview.  What a punk.  Jensen rocks as a brat.

All three of these guys really aced the whole bit at the warehouse.

I don't know what to make of the lighting here.  This is real!Dean.  Maybe he's the light at the end of the tunnel or he's in the way of the oncoming train.

Then Sam gets help sorting it all out.  I like pictures of hands.  You'd expect Sam to have calloused hands and Jared's hands look the part.

The last couple of scenes were done at Singer Salvage and in an ambulance.  The salvage yard scenes have a lot of red here and there.  

As Sam walks past a couple of cars, the tail lights seem to be illuminated.


In keeping with the water theme, they tried to get a Barracuda to drop on Edgar but the one they had was so rusty, it fell apart.  They dropped a Dodge Demon on him instead.  Not quite an anvil....

In saying goodbye to Bobby's house, here are a couple of neat shots of circles.

This last one also has that brick wall feel too.

I miss that house.  Bobby had a lot in common with my system of filing.  It's like an archaeological dig.  The most recent stuff is always on top and the older stuff gets compressed like snow to make room for the new layer.  The librarian in me completely objects to the burning of libraries, particularly those filled with rare books, not to mention the hot rod calendar over the stove.  I can't help but wonder if Dick Roman regretted burning the library after he figured out what kind of info it may have held.  Here's a toast to the memory of Bobby, the paranoid pack rat.  Thanks for keeping offsite storage.

Caps from Home of the Nutty and true_fellings.

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