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So Long, Sparky

 Sparky Anderson, former manager of the Detroit Tigers, passed away today.  
He's one of my biggest memories of my time watching the Tigers.  I'd watch with my future father-in-law when we'd go to visit my husband's family on break from college.  I can still see Sparky heading out to the pitcher's mound late in the game to pull the starting pitcher.  My father-in-law got me started watching the Tigers.  He's been gone for 7 years now and I miss him a lot.  He and Sparky are tied together in my memories.

Here's Sparky in a photo from the AP and another uncredited one found on the web.

Sparky Anderson, credit Lennox McLendon/AP

Sparky Anderson, found on mlive.com

Although I liked to watch baseball on TV, my favorite way to catch a Tiger game was on the radio listening to long-time Tiger announcer Ernie Harwell call the game.  Ernie also passed away this year in May. Rest in peace, all you guys.

Miss ya.

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