Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

SPN 7.22 - Look at this cap up close

I'm working on the recap of this episode,  but this one couldn't wait.  At the beginning of 7.22, the interviewer and one of her production people are reviewing some footage in front of a large mural.  The mural appears to be a bunch of leafless snow-covered trees in front of a lake and some mountains.  Look at the mural more closely.  Do you see the rabbits?  Rabbits are at just about the bottom of the food chain.  The woman in front of it is about to become part of the chain, too.

Click here to see a larger version.  The cap is from http://homeofthenutty.com

Tags: 7.22, cap, spn
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