Icarus was a test pilot (galwithglasses) wrote,
Icarus was a test pilot

SPN 6.06, Halloween, and real life

 Ok, this week I couldn't even watch SPN and that's the truth.  I sort of fast forwarded this episode so I have the general jist.  I did actually catch Dean and Cas on the TV though instead of through iTunes like usual.  It's extremely rare for me to see this real time.  Later, I watched the part with Bobby talking about Tori Spelling.  Hee.  I'm hoping next week will be enough of a revelation that I can go back and watch this episode knowing this is the low point for these guys.  I can't stand to see Sam and Dean whale on each other.  There are episodes from other seasons like Asylum that I can't go back and watch for the same reason.  Can you tell how much I love conflict with family in real life?

In other parts of life, we had a great Halloween.  The kid went trick-or-treating and brought home two buckets of candy.  Because of a dairy allergy, I get the ones the kid can't eat.  Lots of M&Ms and a nice sugar buzz for me.  I handed out candy dressed as Rosie the Riveter.  Then I went out and assembled a jet plane.  Well, thought about it anyhow.  I want to be just as competent and confident in my own life (plus have great biceps).  

Tomorrow is voting day.  Don't care how anyone votes, just go and exercise the right to do it.  People die for the opportunity.  Plus you can't gripe if you don't vote and where's the fun in that?  Actually, I've never felt so apathetic in all my years of voting and that's saying a lot but I'm going tomorrow anyhow.  Maybe the civic act will be inspiring in itself.

Today outside is a glorious blue sky day.  I'm wishing blue skies for you too.
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