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SPN 7.20 - Age of the Geek, Baby

What a blast, eh?  Ok, Robbie Thompson, you're a keeper.  This is the third episode he's written for SPN (Slash Fiction and Time After Time) and they've all been pretty strong.  John MacCarthy directed this episode.  Usually he's a first assistant director for SPN but this was the first time he was in the director's chair.  I think it came off really well.  I like some of the shots he used and the way it was edited.  The SucroCorp ad was a great parody of most big corporation or political advertising.  He also used split cameras in a way we haven't seen much of on SPN.  I really like spy movies, especially the ones with some technical aspect to them.  This had a lot in common with the 1992 movie Sneakers, from hacking a political party and redistributing funds to Charlie flirting her way into a secured location.  Characters speaking in the earpieces of other characters to direct a conversation is used in that movie too.

A lot of the usual color cues were used again.  This was another episode where some of the art used in the background was interesting.  Maybe because of the Leviathans, water was a common theme.  We got another look at what makes Dick Roman tick as well as watch ghost!Bobby gradually come undone.  

We started off the episode at what I'm guessing is Rufus's cabin.  The interior is the same but the exterior looks pretty different.

7.03                                                                 7.20

While neither Sam or Dean were wearing red at the beginning of the episode, the red couch had a prominent spot in a lot of the shots of the boys.  We found out that they haven't learned much yet.  Then Bobby shows up to let them know what they've missed.  As he flashes in and out you can hear the sound that you usually hear at the end of the title card from some of the earlier seasons.  Kind of a whooshing howl.

At the same time, we see that somebody is trying to hack into Frank's hard drive.  I like that Frank was realistic about the fact that any hard drive could be hacked and made plans around that.  Poor Frank.  I guess you're really not paranoid if they are out to get you.  I wonder how often conspiracy theorists are actually proved right in real life?

There are some kinds of shots that seem to lend themselves well to movies or TV shows with an actor focusing on a computer. There are usually closeups of eyes watching the screen and hands typing.


They also use shots where data is projected onto the face of the computer user, in this case, Charlie.  I really liked the recap of the Leviathans for Charlie done as a voice-over by Frank.  

Especially where the mouth shows up.

Charlie rocked (80's popped?).  When it comes to depicting a fangirl or boy, I could almost forgive them for the Becky debacle after seeing how cool they made Charlie.  She has a brain, courage and a sense of humor.  Ok, so she's a little bit felonious.  On this show, she fits right in.  Her being a lesbian was a nice touch and I thought they handled it pretty well.  Plus, no temptation to sleep with Sam is really life prolonging.  Right away, you can tell she's going to be in danger anyway.  Charlie is surrounded by a lot of the color cues for peril.  Her apartment and her clothing are particularly full of red and yellow tones.   She's also wearing a lot of blue which seems to be used when someone is helping Sam and Dean.  

Charlie shows up to work in pinks, yellows, and blues on a yellow bike complete with a flower.  Looks like trouble.  

I like how Princess Leia seems to watch most of the action all the way through the episode.

Charlie may be a geek but she's very neat.  All the Pez guys are in a nice row.  Not like me where I couldn't find them under the pile of paper and printer parts.  

Charlie's house has some cool art in addition to the movie related memorabilia.  And red, orange, and yellow are everywhere with a touch of unreassuring green.

Bobblehead Bobby detector.

Is that Sting?  

Lots of red and a cool painting.

Creepy Yoda on the cabinet and more red.  Not so creepy boys on the sofas.

I like the crazy tile.  It reminds me of pixels.

Red laptop.

The SucroCorp commercial had just about every cliche possible for a political ad or something by a drug company.  I liked the music and the way the shots faded from one to another.  This was a great way to do exposition without standing around and talking about SucroCorp and the Evil Plan.

I'm not sure what the seasoning below is, but in this context, it looks like scary corn.

Now that Charlie is up to speed on the Soylent Green plot, it's time to go storm the castle.  Charlie is understandably skittish even with a flask (full of 900 proof alcohol knowing Dean) and invisible ghost!Bobby.  Sam gets to do a pep talk.  This whole bit reminds me of Animal House.

What?  We have the soundtrack.

Let it go. War's over, man. Wormer dropped the big one. 

What? Over? Did you say "over"? Nothing is over until we decide it is!  We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part! We're just the guys to do it. 

Go get 'em, Charlie.  We'll be out in the van cleaning our weapons making weapons out of cleaner.

The art looks a bit like flowers or they could be fall birch trees.  They have a cave troll.

The next sequence uses split cameras.  I don't remember this in any other SPN episode.

Just a nice shot of Dean.

A lot of the art hanging on the walls around Dick's office has some interesting themes going for it.  A lot of it is architectural achievement, domes, or places of worship from around the world.  I don't know art or architecture well enough to know if it's Roman (ha).  Dick seems to be fascinated by human originality and creativity but he's frustrated because he can't figure out how we do it.  That's echoed in the images of these buildings which are hazy.  It's hard to identify parts of the pictures too.  The information he's looking for is pretty abstract like the art.  Plus, there is the added splash of dangerous yellow in the one right outside of his office.  

Outside Dick's office.

Even the night view outside Dick's window fits in.

The yellow and orange National Geographic fits with the art and the threat.  

Inside Dick's office, he's got a huge picture that looks a bit like a fresco.  The anonymous women all watch Charlie as she goes by but none of them engage the eye of the viewer directly.  Charlie blends well colorwise.

For Dick, this is essentially food porn.  The wavy red lines on the wall could remind us that Charlie's in a really dangerous situation.  They could also be ripples in water.  Around Charlie's office all of the wall art has a water theme.  We started the season with monsters spreading through unsafe waters.  The Leviathans seem to be connected with water that way but also in that they look placid on the surface but are dangerous down deeper.

It makes a nice backdrop for Dick after his run-in with the cleaner bomb. (That makes it sound like it's environmentally friendly.)

This all comes after Dick has been to see Charlie in her office.  Here's some of the art near there.

Pete's office.

The picture behind Charlie when she's with Dick is another water scene but the colors are all off and lean toward yellow.  There have been several landscape pictures with surreal colors this season along with a lot of water.  I'll collect them in a separate post.

Here it is in the daytime.

When Charlie gets a visit from LeviaPete and Dick she's got a yellow tinted backdrop.  Was Pete squeezing her arm to see if she'd make a good meal?  Yuck.

The two times Dick shows up in suits other than his tuxedo, yellow is the accent color there too.

The pocket thing below looks like teeth or claws.

After Charlie finds out about the Leviathans but before she sees them eat Pete, she gets a drink in a yellow mug with her office pal.  Her fellow employee has orange and red on both times we see him.  How long do you think he's gonna last before he gets chewed up by his job?  

So while Dick is trying to figure out what makes Charlie tick, Sam and Dean go steal the MacGuffin.  It's dangerous so the guys will wear ORANGE. Plus we get to see these guys in baseball hats.  Knock that off the bucket list.  Sam's hat is red and Dean's is blue in the way their colors seem to go.  

So, it's dirt.  Well, if phoenix ash would kill Eve, I suppose dirt might work.  Let's hope Dean doesn't have to ingest this and wait to get chomped by a Leviathan.  Dirt shows up in stories about golems and vampires.  Graveyard dirt is supposedly useful for whatever occult thing you're into.  Many cultures have a creation story where the first people are made from mud or clay.  For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.

So they'll dust Dick unless he's crushed to death by his own ego first.  His downfall really won't have so much to do with whatever the dirt will do so much as his underestimation of humans and the fact that he can try to copy human thought but he can't actually think as a human would.  It pays to have the home field advantage.  The jury is still out on whether having a vengeful ghost on your side is a good thing.  The shattered doors were really cool. 

Bobby throws Dick into another picture of towering architecture.  I think it's really interesting how Bobby's gone from the role of the knowledge guy to the hitter.  It's like Hardison becoming Elliot.  Charlie more than filled the knowledge gap in this episode and we'll have to see who ends up Geek of the Week on Friday.

Good luck, Charlie.

Now Sam and Dean can't even have their last minute chat by the car.  What is Bobby's range away from the flask?

Yeah, so this is heading toward another crushing emotional blow.  Sam and Dean seem to have switched places in their feelings about ghost!Bobby from last week.  We've got three episodes left to save Bobby from himself, Cas from Lucifer and Meg, Dean from the bottle, and the world from becoming dinner.  We also need THE CAR.  Not in that order.

Peace, out. 

Caps from true_fellings and  http://homeofthenutty.com

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