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Dream car and driving down memory lane

Learning to drive was the most important skill I ever learned except how to walk and feed myself.  It gave me a freedom beyond anything I could imagine.  We lived in the sticks and my Mom didn't drive.  If we wanted to go into town, we had to go to work with my Dad for the day.  I was stuck home each summer for years (in the stone age with no internet, a party line phone and a black and white TV that got two channels).  As a result, I read and climb trees really well.  Now, being able to go when and where I want is a feeling that I treasure and never take for granted.  I feel like I have control over my life and am capable to handle it with access to a car.  I love the feel of getting in the car and going...wherever.  Windows down, radio up. 

At one of the recent cons, someone asked Jensen and Jared what their dream cars were.  Jared wanted a 'Vet and Jensen just wants the Impala.  Sam and Dean have stolen a '77 or '78 Pontiac Firebird to drive for the last couple of episodes.  In high school, this is the car I wanted to drive.  Black with a golden phoenix on the hood.  

Instead we had an olive green Chrysler Volare station wagon.  Not the same thing at all.  It was as sleek as a three-legged iguana.  The only thing it had in common with a Firebird was that it handled pretty badly on snow or ice.  (Witness Dean fishtail away from the lake at the beginning of Out With the Old.)  You could cram about a million people in the thing but I wasn't allowed to have passengers or go anywhere except work in it.  It had a bungee cord inside to hold the slightly rotted doors closed. Nobody in my family golfed but it had a Snoopy bumper sticker that read "Golf is a great game no matter how you slice it."  I was so elated to drive away from high school graduation that I jammed the key in the ignition upside down and got it stuck.  My future husband and I borrowed it when we were in college to go visit his parents 350 miles away.  The car overheated during the trip on the coldest day of the year.  Even with all its faults, it was still a car and it moved me where I wanted to go, mostly.

It ended up rotting in my parent's yard along with the Volvo hatchback they had in the 70s. They eventually used that for hauling wood for our woodstove.  Not exactly a grocery getter.  My brother had a lot of pieces of a VW Bug that sat there too.  Now all the cars in their yard run, which is a blessing (and an improvement).  Our house had a patch of an exterior side wall that was a different color than the rest of the house because something came up when my Dad was painting and he didn't get back to it until I was married and gone.  I love my Dad and the rest of my family but I was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing as a kid.  Anyhow, cars....

Since then I've driven a mess of different kinds of cars.  My husband was an assigned driver for GM and he'd get something different every three months. Some were fun, like the convertible Cavalier we took to the ocean and a massive black Cadillac Escalade that made me feel like I should be playing some kind of pro ball.  As part of him being a company driver, I was required to buy a new GM product every two years.  I had two black Impalas in a row, long before SPN was a twinkle in Kripke's eye.  They were about 30 years more recent than the Metallicar but the trunk was still huge.  It was a good place to store the dirty clothes and other miscellaneous crap when the realtor was showing our house.  I'd leave the house with the baby and drive around with a full trunk for an hour or whatever.

Now I drive an old black BMW and I get groceries, the kid from chess club, the dog, the dry cleaning, the 20 cases of Girl Scout cookies.  It's spring here now and it just makes me feel like getting out and going and singing loud with radio, just me.

Here's my list of favorite driving songs.  I really have to watch the speedometer.

You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Born to Run and Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
Where the Streets Have No Name - U2
Rain King - Counting Crows
Life in the Fast Lane - the Eagles (this song is proof that God enjoys irony as it was playing while I was stuck in a traffic jam on the freeway, late for class)
I Play the Road - the Zac Brown Band

Just because it made me happy to see it and prompted this, here are pics from SPN of the Firebird.

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