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SPN 6.04 - reaction

I'm really liking this season so far and had fun with this episode.  I like Bobby anyhow.  He's sarcastic and grumpy but he cares a lot and he's always been there for Sam and Dean.  Plus every desk I've ever had looks like Bobby's (minus the occult aspect).  We finally got to see him working his row of phones.  I laughed during his trip to get the book.  You'd think that with his salvage business he'd have a running car.  I suppose it's like the shoemaker's kids who are the ones who always need better shoes.  

As to Bobby's comment "do I look like Dr. Phil?," everyone must think so because they all unloaded their emotional baggage around him, including Crowley.

As soon as the opening few seconds of The Gambler came on, I was thrown back to about 1983 and yelling to my younger brother to come listen every time that song showed up on our radio station. It wasn't a country station but for some reason that would get air play once in while.  We weren't even country fans but I checked out the vinyl album from the library when I finally got my own stereo.  It seems fitting that Bobby would be a country fan rather than classic rock.  I like it that Rufus used musician aliases and that Dean's caller ID shows up as John P. Jones.  What Garth alias was the idjit on the phone using, Garth Brooks or Garth Algar?

Some other things I liked:
  • Devil's trap visible with black light
  • The Sheriff 
  • Gavin's ring levitating and then seeing Bobby's breath from the sudden cold
  • Rufus and Bobby's banter
  • Sam slamming into the post during the lamia fight but us never seeing the monster
  • Deal written on the skin
  • "Ganking on cheeseheads" and the whole Green Bay Packers motif for the motel room including the room divider with the blocks of cheese.  I'm sure this exists somewhere in Wisconsin.
  • Bobby and Crowley imitating each other
  • Bobby and Crowley both using some form of "balls" as a curse when they get foiled
I'm also a big Crowley fan.  He seemed to be relishing the challenge posed by Bobby trying to get his soul back.  It's ironic that Crowley is King of Hell now.  Ruling in Hell, you've got the demon that worked with the good guys to end the apocalypse and on the other end you've got Cas the rebellious angel trying to keep order in Heaven.  Maybe it's more mirror image stuff.  I wonder what's up with Crowley and Sam.  Seems like there was a bit more than just trading insults there.

On a side note, seems like so many of the demon women seem to show up wearing black sleeveless dresses.  Gwen Campbell's clothes remind me enough of this that I thought "demon" the first time I saw her.  She's definitely not one of the show's women in white.
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