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SPN 7.12 - beautiful cinematography and some trivia

Beginning with the obligatory obvious pun...

So a couple of brothers went to Ohio to kill time.  It had to be said.

This episode was beautifully filmed.  The sets and costumes were lovely. And there were shiny CARS!  There were some remarkable images that came out of it.  There is enough meta on how the light and color were used that they'll get their own journal entries.  So will the caps of flowers and mountains.

Agents Smith and Smith, no relation. (ETA This is a play on lines from Die Hard.)

The autopsy report which lists Kevin Parks (SPN's assistant director) as the victim's roommate.

I love the paper trash bags and wood barrels.  The sets were really well done.  

The day Dean ends up in the past is November 5, 1944. It was a Sunday so there was the obligatory football (American) game which the home team, the Cleveland Rams, lost to the Washington Redskins.  The US Army was involved in action in Germany and the Netherlands.  In the Pacific, kamikaze pilots hit the aircraft carrier USS Lexington.  In two days, Franklin Roosevelt would be elected for a fourth term as President.  The movies on the theater marquee that you can't see except as a reflection are two movies from 1944, Arsenic and Old Lace and The Mask of Dimitrios. It also says "Buy War Bonds". 

There's a big old angel light in the interview room completely obscuring Ness as he comes in.  

Awesome entrance though...

Then we have this beauty of a picture where we've got Ness and Dean.  I love how the light and shadows, the color of the walls and clothes, the body positions and dark hair work to make them look like equals even though Ness may know a little more about the case.  Already we can tell these guys are going to have a lot in common.

Signs of the war are all over this episode.  A soldier is passing by as Dean goes into the tailor shop.

I don't know if it's the hair or clean-shaven face that makes him look so different (younger?) than Dean here.  All I could think was prep school a la Dead Poet's Society.

Ezra Moore has a most unusual name.  Ezra means help in Hebrew.  I love the whole sequence where they are figuring out who the baddie is here.  Sam and Jodi ask questions and we jump to Ezra, Ness and Dean and hear the answer and then the exchange goes back the other way.  It made the whole research sequence really engaging when it could have been really boring.

That looks more like the Dean we're used to.  I love that he got to be really smart through this whole episode.  He's such a contradiction between hardened, old before his time hunter and wide-eyed childlike pop culture fan.

And here we have proof that I'm a victorian old maid at heart...oh my goodness, his coat is off, cue swoon.

The bookie Lester Young shares a name with a well-known jazz tenor sax player.  He played in Count Basie's orchestra until rumor has it he was dismissed for refusing to play on Friday the 13th.  The show aired on Friday the 13th.  I loved the jazzy soundtrack they wrote for the episode.

Have I mentioned that I really liked THE CARS!?

This shot was beautiful too.

The war bonds poster was great with Uncle Sam pointing out where they should be aiming.  

It's not the only time we see Ness in front of a US flag.

Sam finally gets to talk with somebody about Bobby.

This a pretty interesting collection of chemicals for a haberdashery.

And this is just disturbing on so many levels....

I'd love to know what radio show this gent is listening to in the background.  They're talking about war bonds again.  I don't know if it's true to the time but this man seems to have so much more trust in a government official than we'd give anyone now.

They even got the light switch right for the time period.

The face made by younger siblings everywhere....

The sequences with hiding and finding the note have both the brothers crossing the floor, opening a knife, and popping the molding off.

Legit law enforcement and badge...how rare.

Non-legit badge listing Dean as staff at the Wayne County Coroner's Office which is convenient because there is a Wayne County in all of the states surrounding and including Ohio.  Detroit is in Michigan's Wayne County.

Here's another great shot.

This one reminds me of Dean peeking around the side of the building in Frontierland.

It's been a long time since I've seen The Untouchables.  I wonder if there is much similarity between any of the scenes, particularly the ones where Dean references the movie.  

Caps from Home of the Nutty and true_fellings

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